Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hoop Lovers

I am super excited to announce the launch of my new hoop dance site Hoop Lovers. As some of you may know I had a tricky time deciding on the site and business name for my new hoop dance instruction and performance adventure. I had chopped and changed from hoop glow to hoop fusion to all number of things hoopy but when I stumbled upon Hoop Lovers it just seemed right!

(Photo taken by foqas at ABM party @ JZ Brat Shibuya, Tokyo)
The site is a little bare at the moment but I have big plans and look forward to sharing the hoop love with you!

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Sweating Glitter - Dr Sketchy's Tokyo April

The field was prepared, the team was pumped and there was much anticipation leading up to the April Dr Sketchy's Tokyo event. There was also a fair amount of smutty jokes and saucy comments being splashed around as we had been given just a very small dose of the champion that was to grace the sketchy's stage at the Pink Cow.

Leila, Dr Sketchy's Tokyo MC and all round laugh generator, had given us all the heads up on the act that we were all in store for. The theme was Sketchy Olympics, a tribute to the original event, rumors and photo evidence told us that we would be sketching a true God.

Justin Berti, or as I like to think of him The guy from Sex and the City, clearly had the body of a God but add to that the heart of an angel and the ability to entertain the crowd like a true star, a powerful combination.

From Olympic athlete to Gladiator, then Greek God to a man savaged by the wild tigress and left to die with no clothes on (!) The performance from beginning to end was a feast for the eyes and an entertaining series of poses well worth staying for.

Be sure to check out the next Dr Sketchy's Tokyo event at The Pink Cow on the 4th Wednesday of May. After Justin's mighty performance I know quite a few new faces will be returning mixed with the gorgeous regulars Dr Sketchy's Tokyo is becoming quite the monthly event.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dance Parties in Yoyogi Park

Tokyo is a never ending series of surprises. This weekend was no exception. After a huge night on the dancefloor at the very successful ABM party held last night at JZ Brat we had a quick sleep and headed out to Yoyogi park for a gorgeous afternoon. The weather was divine and the hoops were spinning.

swirls of light

As the sun went down the sounds out on the horizon were turned up. An email from a friend asking "Are you at the dance party in Yoyogi Park?" helped make the connection that the beats we were hearing in the distance were something worth seeking out.

Dance party in yoyogi park Tokyo

A short trek through the darkness avoiding the trees and resting bodies we let our ears guide us and soon stumbled upon a very happening, techno flooded dance party. Needless to say the hoops were whipped out yet again and bodies warmed up nicely in the coolness of the Spring night.

An interesting mixture of Japanese and foreign dancers pounded the park floor to the happy vibes as the sun completely left for another part of the world. Plenty of friendly faces and music lovers. Not long into the set things seem to shut down and people scampered of in various directions. Left standing in the middle of the dark park with smiles on our faces and wetness on our skin our ears pricked up again to the sound of more beats in the distance. The search was on again.

This time we discovered a more low key but possibly more crowded make shift club. Plenty of smiling faces, funky beats and some of the hugest speakers I have seen set up outdoors in a long time. Good times.

Outdoor dance party Tokyo

According to our new dance party friends and the DJs the parties in Yoyogi park are every Sunday once the sun goes down, usually 5pm - 8pm. They are not hard to find, follow your ears. Look for us, we will most likely be there. What an awesome way to end the weekend!

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Make Up Tutorials

I have always admired fabulous make up artistry from a distance but never dabbled much myself. A very simple and clean look is usually what I go for. Mascara has been my best friend for the longest time but other than that I am pretty minimalist in the makeup department. I love it, I just don't do it.

However with my new found love of performing I have had to learn a whole new bag of tricks, one of them being make up. My resource for most things is you tube, as always it is jam packed with tutorials, and really great ones on all kinds of things including make up.

My fav new places for make up tips are EnCore Makeup, xsparkage and askmemakeup. If you have any others I would love to hear about them. I have a lot of catching up to do and am trying to learn as fast as I can.

So I thought I would show you Saturday night's look. Be kind, I am seriously a beginner. I would love to hear your tips and comment though.

make up check

make up check

My make up collection is one big mixed bag so I really need to go shopping and get myself sorted. For this look I used MAC face and body foundation, Maybelline Cover Stick, MAC loose powder, Revlon Skin Lights illuminating powder, tarte tipsy cheek stain. On the eyes a base of Bourjois charcoal covered with MAC satelilite dreams, Ben Nye hot pink and MAC gold pigment under the brow and in the corners of the eyes. I used the Ben Nye on my lips also with the gold MAC pigment dusted on top and lashings of raw cacao butter. YUM! Oh and of course, lots and lots of Bourjois Volume Clubbing mascara because I am a mascara junkie!

It was pretty simple and felt good. I would however love some tips on how to keep stage makeup from creasing on your eyelids - tips please??

p.s. I really should have photoshopped out my wrinkles and horribly dirty kitchen in the background but who has time for photoshop when there is make up to be done??

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

Be a part of the big freeze in Tokyo.
Too cool for school.

Created by Improv Everywhere in New York, a group known for "scenes of chaos and joy in public places", the freeze is heading back to Tokyo.
Naturally there is a facebook group called Tokyo Freeze 2008 with some fun suggestions and thoughts for the big event.
This should be a whole load of useless, time wasting fun! I am up for it. Lady Elle and I will be out in full force! See you there.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Photos by Sasa

We were lucky to have many talented and stylish people come and hang with us at Velours on Saturday night. Sasa of lo-fi-me fame was one of the super sleek style masters that graced the dance floor with his presence. He also took some shots of my hooping and I think you will agree they are a colorful representation of his creative talents.

More pics here.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

What a Weekend!

It is hard to know where to start I am still really trying to process the greatness and intensely of the weekend. Leila Chan as always has such a wonderful way with words and summed it up quite nicely here.
I have so much more to add but am finding it hard to put into words! The people, the action, the happenings, the connections that were made are really all just starting to sink in.
It is an unexplainable feeling to have dreams and thoughts manifest so succinctly. There were many dreams becoming reality for a lot of us this weekend.
As always I have so many people to extend unspeakable amounts of gratitude to...
Masao the man always cool, calm and overwhelmingly supportive. My ladies my beautiful ladies you know I love you and you never fail to surprise me, scare me and fill me with pure joy. New friends I need to sincerely thank all of the wonderful people who approached me this weekend both at Velours and in Yoyogi park at the Hoop Matsuri, for me hooping is all about togetherness and while I am often in my own little hoopy world I am very grateful to anyone who is free spirited enough to want to be a part of the spin so thank you to all of the gorgeous new friends who I met this weekend looking forward to sharing lots of greatness. My fabulously funky friends without a doubt I have the most amazing circle of open minded, fun loving, interesting friends I don't think there is much else a girl can ask for in life. I truly hope I offer you as much love and support as you give to me, it is an overwhelming task because the power you give to me it so very great! Thank you!

If this weekend was just the warm up to Summer then we are in for one insanely hot Summer session! Cannot wait!

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dr Sketchy's Tokyo Olympics

This Wednesday will be a Dr. Sketchy's Tokyo tribute to the original games on Mt. Olympus, the Dr Sketchy's Olympics.

Dr. Sketchy's Tokyo is always held on the 4th Wednesday of every month at The Pink Cow in


Doors Open at 6pm
Dr. Sketchy starts at 7pm

Sketchy date: WEDNESDAY 4/23

Sketchy theme: Sketchy Olympics

Sketchy Model: Justin Berti

No drawing experience necessary,
just a sense of fun, sketch pad and pencil.

Bring 'dry' materials and get ready to get sketchy!

Oh, yeah! (no water/oil paints - sorry)

PS. Yes, that really IS the model!
You won't wanna miss this one!

RSVP on facebook
! See you there.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pinky & Killer DX

Ever wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of love hotels or VIP rooms in Tokyo's underground clubs? Photographer Hal has done the "dirty" work and got you the keys and VIP passes.

Pinky & Killer DX is a photographic expose into the private, party lives of Japanese couples showing their wild side at love hotels and clubs all over Tokyo. Lewd, shrewd and often nude, the antics of couples in Tokyo getting a little bit naughty has been captured in a holographic bound, compact book. What more could your voyeuristic intentions desire?

Photographer Hal's obsession with capturing behind the bedroom door shots of some of Tokyo's raunchiest couples has lead to the creation of a must have glossy photographic album of sweaty, lust induced ecstasy. Essential peeping for all coffee tables, waiting rooms and night stands. A jaw dropping collection of real life couples living out their fantasies in Tokyo.

Shot with 6 x 7 film. All photos were taken in Tokyo, Japan. 134 color photos.
15cm x 20cm

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nani Birds Take Flight

The Nani Birds have been flying to new homes recently so luckily illustrator Josh McKible kindly let us adopt a few more of his original creations.
New Nani Birds are nesting at TOKYOMADE. Each birdie is a one of a kind painting, part of the complete Nani Bird series created by Josh for the MCKIBILLO range.

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Costume Shopping in Tokyo

With the Earth Day Hoop Matsuri less than a week away I am sure you are thinking about the ideal colorful costume to don! To help out I thought I would pass on some of my costume shopping tips in Tokyo.

For wigs, the flashiest, junkiest jewelery, colorful socks, rainbow belts and plenty of fake gold you cannot go past the 390 yen shop! Also know as Thank You Mart apparently these babies are all over the place but they are easiest to find in Harajuku. A stroll down Takeshita Dori will let you stumble upon THREE of them. They all stock basically the same but the one just around the corner from Takeshita Street on Meiji Street next to the stinky kebab shop on the same side of the road as ABC Mart is nice and roomy.

Of course the 100 yen stores are always filled with trashy bargains. The Daiso chain is my fav and now has this English website - how very cool. The 5 story mecca also on Takeshita Street is the bargain hunters dream. Everything 100 yen and from memory they have some great tinsel wigs!

Tokyu Hands
has the wildest array of costumes all in one hot spot. the prices are not as thrifty but some people would pay anything for a Billy Blanks costume or a full samurai outfit.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday in your finest and most colorful!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Earth Day Hoop Matsuri

Just when I thought no good could come of today's gloomy Tokyo weather I was hit by an intensely inspirational whirlwind which launched many new projects out into the universe some of which I will tell you about later (very exciting though my hoop site is almost done!!) The most colorful new project I am calling the Earth Day Hoop Matsuri.

Inspired by the Color Parade in Sydney, the crowds of performers and hemp beer swillers at last year's Earth Day Tokyo and today's dismal weather I decided that we should be sharing as much color and light with Tokyo as we can - it needs it!

Name: Earth Day Hoop Matsuri
A Colorful Procession
Host: Hoop Lovers (Deanne)
Type: Causes - Rally

Time and Place
Date: Sunday, April 20, 2008
Time: 1:00pm - 7:00pm
Location: Earth Day Tokyo
Street: Harajuku Station to Yoyogi Park
City/Town: Tokyo, Japan

Let's share some color and love with Tokyo by parading our vibrance through the streets to arrive at Yoyogi Park for Japan's biggest Earth Day gathering on Sunday April 20.

Where: Meet at the Harajuku Girl's hang out near Harajuku Station.

Costume: Wear your finest, brightest, most colorful creations!! We will take our hoops and other play things in a matsuri style precession to the Earth Event find ourselves a spot in the action and show off our inner child in celebration for our gorgeous Earth.
(OR drink lots of hemp beer and take in the aromas of undeoderized armpits!)

Don't worry if you cannot hoop, today will be the time to learn and get your groove on!! All other play things, pets and puppets welcome.

(The sun did not show us any love today so you had better all be praying for it on Sunday 20th)
IF IT RAINS THIS EVENT WILL BE CANCELED via facebook on the morning of.


Some photos from Nick Coppins to give you a little inspiration and food for thought! I may even wear my pink wig...and you know what kind of havoc that creates!!!

If you are in Tokyo next weekend and the sun is shining I will see you there!

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Rain Rain Go Away

Sadly today's Hoop Fest in Yoyogi park had to be canceled because of rain but here is some hoop action that should make you smile. Mario from Hoop Tokyo shows off his moves and tests out another odd Japanese invention the bean shaped hoop.

Enjoy the rain and watch out for a hoop happening coming to a park near you!

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The story behind this shot

Sunday was just one of those wonderfully memorable days. Hanami, cherry blossom picnic, time for us is one of the most gorgeous times of the year in Japan because it is a time when we can all come together and just chill under the Spring flowers, get all excited about Summer and laugh about times gone by - Sunday was no exception.

Having been away in Australia for what I thought was the peak sakura time I was sad to think that I might have missed hanami season in Japan this year. Perhaps the blossoms were a little less plentiful but that didn't stop the crowds of party goers flocking to Shinjuku park to enjoy the last bursts of the short lived season (I swear there are way more than 4 seasons in Japan.) I was lucky to be a part of Sunday's celebrations.

We packed up the hoops, stuffed our bags with some yummy fruit and headed to meet up with the gang. Shinjuku Park is a gated park for which you need to pay an entry fee. To keep the park gorgeous all year round and ensure everyone's happiness, apparently, there are many rules and signs clearly stating them. One of the rules is " no play things" - that includes hoops. I prewarned Masao that we would be busted at the gates (there is no way to hide 10 colorful hula hoops) Sure enough we were swarmed upon by security guards, one after another. Each time we fended them of with "Oh no we are not going to use the hoops we are just carrying them" They believed us (??) and we were in.

It was not too long before the hoops were cracked open and the groovers came out of the woodwork. It is so cool to watch hooping newbies initial reaction to hoops. It is like each personality type has a different approach to how they tackle the first time hoop moves. Some like to sit back and watch for a long time before attempting, some want to jump right in and get their spin on not giving up until they master it, others come into the spin laden with self doubt and then surprise themselves when they can actually get into the moves quick quickly. It is all such a joy to watch.

Time flew and we were soon heading out of the park towards another local hang when we spotted IT. The ghetto blaster sent from heaven. It twinkled in the sunlight and spoke to Leila and I in very clear terms, saying "turn me on and get your hoop on!"

And so we did!

With the hoards of human traffic flowing out of the gates it wasn't long and we had drawn quite a crowd. The show pony in me took full advantage. Leila and I showed off a few moves, we let the break dance boys do their thing, a funky old man with smoke in mouth popped in for a quick dance off, we passed around a few hoops and then it was time for the grand finale. A little party trick that Bunny taught me that is a true crowd pleaser - the hoop throw on. We only had enough hoops for Leila to throw 5 hoops on me but it was enough for a big cheer, a good tummy workout and a final rock star pose.

It is a revolution!

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dr Sketchy's Tokyo Birthday Bash

A message from Leila Chan

It's our BIRTHDAY and everyone is invited! Dr. Sketchy's Tokyo has teamed up with chief&mischief and TokyoMade for Volume 2 of the infamous STITCH fashion party. Of course no Sketchy party is complete without stunning models and hypnotic beats and this birthday bash will feature a bevy of hot models to sink your sketchpads into. Not to mention Tokyo's premiere HoopStar Sushizume who will be sashaying her electro hoop in true raver fashion.

Where: Velours (Aoyama/Ometesando)

When: April 19 From 9pm-4am

¥¥¥ = Men (¥2500 w/flyer ¥2000)

Women (¥2000 w/flyer ¥1500 +1 drink)

Mail Discount: ¥1500 +1 drink (be sure to RSVP on the Dr. Sketchy site include "birthday RSVP" in subject. Deadline Noon April 19th)

Sketchy Wishes,


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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sunday Hoop Fest

(Photo taken on Bondi Beach by my Mama)

Date: Sunday, April 13, 2008
Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: Yoyogi Park
City/Town: Tokyo, Japan

I will be in Yoyogi park this Sunday afternoon for a fabulous afternoon of hooping and happiness. If you are interested in learning a few hoop dance tricks, getting into the groove or just hanging out in the park please get in touch.

I am back from Sydney and now a qualified Hoop Dance teacher so I am looking to share the hoop love with you all.

Sunday will be very relaxed, just some moving and grooving. I am happy to share some beginner moves and tips and of course it is FREE!! (This offer won't last! ha ha) ;)

I will bring about 10 hoops but if you have your own please bring them along.
If you don't have your own check these babies out.

Bring what you like, wear something funky and throw your iPod in your bag to groove to the tunes you love! All other play things welcomed too of course so bring along your Poi or devil sticks, puppies or cute boys!


Come have some good, clean hoopy fun!

I will hang at the Harajuku main gates for about 10 minutes and then head further into the park. You can call or email anytime!

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Funky Feminine Style

Zoestyles designer and creator, Eigo Takada first made a name for himself as a student at Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design London . Upon returning to Japan in 1999 he founded the brand Zoestyles and can now be found in over 15 stores around Japan.
Hot on the heels of Zoestyles recent showing at the Kera! Shop in Shinjuku Marui TOKYOMADE is breathless over the launch on the Zoestyle Spring range.
The range has a definite goth edge to it with a powerfully, funky feminine street look. The cut of each of these jackets is uniquely individual. As the model for the latest range I got to feel the fashion force that each jacket provides. Assertive and unrelenting feminine style. Strong and sophisticated. Powerful and uncomplicated. Unique and victorious.
ZOESTYLES Dracula Bancho
You can check out more pics over at the TOKYOMADE flickr and of course see the new Spring range on TOKYOMADE

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Return to Tokyo

I am back in Tokyo after a gorgeous time in Australia. It went by too quickly but the weather was perfect, I achieved all that I set out to do and I got to spend everyday with my mama relaxing, shopping, eating and just hanging out.

Arriving in Brisbane airport I was whisked away to the Sunshine Coast to hang out with my nan and gran. The perfect opportunity to get a bit of family hooping happening.

I cannot even describe how beautiful the weather was. Returning to Australia makes you realize what an outstanding country it is. The space, the beauty, the smiles are so very missed being away from it.

And then there was Sydney. I have been to Sydney many times in my life for various reasons - shopping, parties, friends, travel. This time blew me away. I can honestly say if I could pack everything into a bag including Masao and move to Sydney next week I would. The planets were superbly aligned on our visit. Mum and I took the quick flight from Brisbane to Sydney and from the moment we stepped off the plane Sydney did it's best to impress!

I had heard people in the past, non Sydney dwellers, refer to the city using all sorts of negative terms. After living in Tokyo for more than four years now I saw Sydney as a city that knows what it wants, provides for diversity and offers spectacular scenery to delight the senses. Of course that is from a visitors point of view, but I am still a bit Sydney starstruck.

While I hooped it up with Bunny Hoop Star and a fantastic group of talented women, Mum hit the streets with camera in hand documenting her kilometers of travel on foot in photos, hundreds of them! Naturally she ended her Sydney adventure with a long reflexology session at one of Sydney's many massage centers.

The Sydney journey was made even sweeter by the accomplishment of three of my big goals for the year. 1. Meet Bunny Hoop Star 2. Become a certified hoop teacher by April 1. and 3. Purchase at least 10 hoops by April 1. I plan to write a whole post about the weekend of teacher training.

Arriving back in Tokyo last night I saw the cherry blossoms from the sky and knew I had to christen my new hoops under the blossoms today. It is good to be back, I have massive plans and some how I have a feeling Australia will feature more heavily in them than I had previously envisioned. Yay for international hoopiness!

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