Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dance Parties in Yoyogi Park

Tokyo is a never ending series of surprises. This weekend was no exception. After a huge night on the dancefloor at the very successful ABM party held last night at JZ Brat we had a quick sleep and headed out to Yoyogi park for a gorgeous afternoon. The weather was divine and the hoops were spinning.

swirls of light

As the sun went down the sounds out on the horizon were turned up. An email from a friend asking "Are you at the dance party in Yoyogi Park?" helped make the connection that the beats we were hearing in the distance were something worth seeking out.

Dance party in yoyogi park Tokyo

A short trek through the darkness avoiding the trees and resting bodies we let our ears guide us and soon stumbled upon a very happening, techno flooded dance party. Needless to say the hoops were whipped out yet again and bodies warmed up nicely in the coolness of the Spring night.

An interesting mixture of Japanese and foreign dancers pounded the park floor to the happy vibes as the sun completely left for another part of the world. Plenty of friendly faces and music lovers. Not long into the set things seem to shut down and people scampered of in various directions. Left standing in the middle of the dark park with smiles on our faces and wetness on our skin our ears pricked up again to the sound of more beats in the distance. The search was on again.

This time we discovered a more low key but possibly more crowded make shift club. Plenty of smiling faces, funky beats and some of the hugest speakers I have seen set up outdoors in a long time. Good times.

Outdoor dance party Tokyo

According to our new dance party friends and the DJs the parties in Yoyogi park are every Sunday once the sun goes down, usually 5pm - 8pm. They are not hard to find, follow your ears. Look for us, we will most likely be there. What an awesome way to end the weekend!

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Blogger Aimee "Roo" said...

Those photos are all magical, but I especially love the first one with you in your hoop! So pretty, lively, and full of energy.

28/4/08 9:19 AM  
Blogger sushizume said...

Thanks Miss Roo! You are the sweetest!

30/4/08 10:46 AM  

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