Sunday, May 28, 2006

like candy from a baby

Last night's birthday celebrations at the warehouse azabu juban, showered us all with pretty presents.
The birthday boy cut his enormous birthday cake moments after ripping up the dancefloor...
As for Leila and I...there was no shortage of heavenly presents on offer...
Composing ourselves in the bathroom
We decided the night was just like being trapped in a lollypop factory, the only way out was to sample all the fine wares.
It is so wonderful to be a gay man trapped in a woman's body - no guilt, no confusion
The only confusion came when we had to find our umbrellas at the end of the night!

Monday, May 22, 2006

pretty city

Who says Tokyo isn't a stunning city?

design festa

Tokyo Design Festa was held again over the weekend at the Tokyo Big Site. A perfect venue to show case the thousands of designers all peddling their wares.

We had an interesting day scoping out possible designers to support.
There were also some very entertaining show going on here and there...

At one stage I moved in closer to get a better view and snap some shots. As I turned back around to sit down again I noticed someone had already taken my seat...

A ver cute little fellow, with fashion show schedule in hand, had taken up residence next to Zume. He looked far too ferocious to tangle with, so I decided to stand for the rest of the show.

I wanted this piece so badly I was contemplating a snatch and run...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A very golden week

Golden Week for me started well before it was supposed to. Alas this is the only snapshot of the superb start to the party fest. Arriving at Ageha for last week's Shangri La event, the security on the door rummaged through my bag and body searched me - of course finding my camera and making sure it was locked away nice and tight so that I could not present you with any pics of the heavenly go go dancers, the Japanese equivalent of Danni Minogue or the pool side antics. The above shot is the only momento I bring to you...taken around 7ish the next morning as I was stumbling for the futon!
The golden weekend continued with a trip to the Shibuya children's hall where my boyfriend tickled the ivory, playing me many love songs...
Venturing to Omotesdando on Wednesday with the other three quarters of this country joining us - was a true delight!
Not so delightful, was the departure of a best bud, ultimate cool chick - heading back down under. We miss you and so does 'The Singer'
A spot of shopping to nab those Prada sunnies we have been loving... before heading to be wedged in the front row (lucky and surprised) to see the one and only P!nku (as the Japanese say). Zume has told everyone he has meet so far about his excitment upon seeing Pink's undies! Can you guess what colour they were?
A rockin concert in which my bladder expanded to approximately 9 times its legal limit. Rushing to the toilet at the end of the show I was not surprised to see the mile long line up but my bladder simply could not cope. Fleeing the scene, sending people flying, Zume in tow; I did the only thing any overstretched and insane woman would do - much like a scene from planet of the apes - I ran outside gasping, doubled over, fearing the worse; I burst through some security barriers, flung my spasmodic body across the carpark and over a railing, slamming down onto the muddy banks of the river, wedged myself in under the carpark structure and did exactly what I had been wanting to do for near on 3 hours - aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Call a doctor if pain persists - not in this case, I had done precisely what was needed. As I scaled the wall and barrier, realising it was much higher and harder to get up than down, I was met by 3 security guards and a woman attendent, most concerned for my safety. "I'm ok, I'm ok", I muttered, still basking in the afterglow of such mammoth relief.