Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mixing and Relaxing

A stunning, no simply stunning weekend of pure nothingness...hooping, juicing, eating, laughing, relaxing, blogging and all that jazz! ahhhhhhhh

Took some pics while in Harajuku and at the park in Kichijoji
Harajuku - Daily Outfit
Hanjiro remade vest
Hanae Mori scarf made into an obi belt
Black high waist Uni Qlo jeans
Leopard print high top converse
Swarovski covered Casio
Betsey Johnson leopard print bag
Look into my eyes

Hoopstar Deanne - Daily Outfit
E hyphen cropped black knit
Pink and purple tank recycled from Kinji, Harajuku
Black 3/4 tights from my Mum
Pink and blue hoop from Hoop Store Tokyo
Pink star headphones from Village Vanguard
Rock Bunny pink socks from one of the ten zillion sock shops in Tokyo
Leopard print Converse
Black sari bracelets.
Masao and Deanne Kichijoji

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Washing Day

Monday, September 24, 2007

From London to Tokyo

Previously found administering her fashion remedies in Camden Stables Market London, the blabla nurse now has a growing list of patients right here in Tokyo, Japan.

Already making fashion headlines here in Japan, blabla hospital has been featured in recent Kera and Gothic & Lolita Bible. As a result blabla hospital blood supplies must be at an all time low as their patient care programs are fast becoming the hottest new fashion health.

Blablahospital shop in Shinjuku

Currently on call at the Kera shop in Shinjuku, the blabla nurse herself can be consulted for all healthy fashion needs.

Blablahospital designer

Treatments are seasonal for both guys and girls from piping hot weather fashion health to jacket cures and leg and arm warmers.


The blabla nurse is working hard at her Shinjuku hospital right now so TOKOYMADE is the only place selling her powerful remedies online (aren't we lucky!?) Check out the current prescribed cures available over the counter.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tokyo Look Book

I blogged about this over at the TOKYOMADE blog, but I think this book most definitely deserves two posts!!
The Tokyo Look Book is a new and colorful collection of images snapped on the fashion packed streets of Tokyo. Created by Philomena Keet and Yuri Manabe, this Japanese fashion smash up offers a peep into the style culture and the people who work it. It also includes interviews with some of Tokyo's top designers and shop owners.

Well worth adding to your funky book collection and nicely priced on Amazon.

To get you in the mood here are some links to a few of the fab designers that splashed their unique brand of street style around at the Japan Fashion Week 2007

H.Naoto with their street goth collection.

Hisui has some super shiny pieces that we would love to get our fingers on.

Mercibeaucoup linked to Issey Miyake kept the kawaii theme happening with pink bunny hats and white star shaped afros.

Mint Designs with their funky, spacious shop in Shibuya.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sex And The City - Movie

It is on for young and old honeys. The ladies and their boys are back in the city and no doubt sexin it up! Filming for the movie version of our all time fav TV series began in New York today! Although I can't get my hands on any storyline hints it appears Big is holding on, Smith and Sam are still together, Steve and Miranda are going strong and Harry and Charlotte got news of a Chinese baby in the final episode so we could be in for some super cuteness.

I very rarely watch any TV but this is the one series that we have watched over and over again. Masao bought all the dvds when they were released, no buyer's remorse there. Mum and I spent much of our Summer together watching S and the C inside away from the Tokyo heat. So we are excited to see what is going to happen in the movie.

Off to speculate and debate what our fav ladies will get up to in the movie length version!

According to ETonline the film is scheduled to be released on May 30, 2008.

Thanks dlisted

UPDATE: She is pregnant! CHECK IT

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

SAIAS - LADE and TOKYOMADE Collaboration Event

sunday afternoon flyer1

We have joined forces with the ever so hip LADE clothing boys and will be putting on a very special Sunday afternoon show right here in Tokyo.

You simply must come!

When? Sunday October 21, 2007
1pm - 9pm

Where? And Zone (lounge/bar/cafe) Shinjuku Tokyo

What? A fabulous Sunday afternoon showcasing some of Japan's coolest and most talented indepedent artists and designers.

¥1500 gets you in the door with a free drink and rumor has it that there may even be some hoopalicious entertainment not to be missed! Special guest DJ mixing up the grooves and LIVE painting by LADE's TiFdyL! Of course the focus will be on the amazing creations on display and for sale. Your chance to fondle the goods that we usually keep safely tucked away on TOKYOMADE. Save your pennies, buy some original art and fashion pieces and consider your Chrissie shopping done!

We are super excited about this. The space is gorgeous, check out the And Zone blog (in Japanese) for a sneak peek at the lush surroundings. This event is a funky collaboration of some truly unique independent artists and creators based here in Japan.

For one afternoon only as a warm up to the biggie - Tokyo Design Festa in November. Look forward to seeing you there.

sunday afternoon flyer2

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tiny Azure SALE

Tiny Azure SALE

One of the most loved and sort after creators on TOKYOMADE, Tiny Azure is having a mini sale on a few of her dazzling pieces!

Be sure to check out her greatness and snap up the one of a kind original fashion accessories. They make devine gifts but so hard to resist buying one for yourself!

Yay for mini sales and yay for getting gifts early!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I can feel it

Sent to me by my sis in London!
Pure genius (or Genesis)

This is exactly how I feel about Cadbury's too!

(an old pic of my sis and i enjoying a little too much christmas cheer)

Cheers Karla, hope London is everything you imagined it would be but so much cooler!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


new products blablahospital lissita and bsetc

blabla hospital fashion remedies
Doll parts by Lissita
Carry all fashion by B.S.E.T.C

Tokyo Long Weekend Happenings


It is a three day weekend here in Tokyo and the sun came out to celebrate! A steamy Saturday set a precedent for what looks like a spectacularly lazy weekend in the city of lights, but as usual there are endless events, gatherings and special treats on offer.
Here are just a few suggestions:

DJ Emma will be spinning musical treats for all to enjoy at Ageha tonight. Sure to be an Ageha spectacular with lighting by Aiba and a special performance by the Ultra Girls.

Sunday night @ The Pink Cow in Shibuya is the FLO Union Media Lounge, a chilled-out gathering of video artists, Vjs, Djs, animators, film makers and live projection performers.Check out the Pink Cow's Cowlandar for more details.

Not to be missed, the Shibuya Girls Collection 2007 Autumn/Winter will be on show at Studio Coast in Shin Kiba this Monday.

For us personally Monday equals a hoop dance class followed by a gathering of all of our gorgeous friends in Yoyogi park with good food, great cocktails and fine music. We love picnics!

Have a gorgeous weekend and be sure to keep us up to date on what is happening in your city! What are your top tips for the weekend?

Friday, September 14, 2007

3 day weekend!

I am super duper lucky cos I was blessed with the happy gene but for those of you who are not wired the same way I have the answer!

There is so much to be happy about, it is a three day weekend!
ps I love Chris Crocker

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Carrie Bradshaw meets Sayuri


Kanoko Japanese Handmade bags are some of the finest quality contemporary designs using traditional Japanese fabrics. Exquisitely styled, superior quality and unique designs make these one-of-a-kind bags highly sort after. We are lucky to have 3 new designs in stock.

Chou no furu yoru is the most devine piece of fashion beauty. It's Carrie Bradshaw meets Sayuri aura is a breathtaking view. Chou no furu yoru is Japanese for butterflies falling from the sky.

Tokyo Hoop Stars

tokyo hoop

It's official the boy is a hoop star!

We were excited to get an email from our funky hoop instructor Justin congratulating us on our debut on the freshest online source of all things hoopy: Magazine have found their way to our new Tokyo Hoop Stars blog and we were spinning to see they have taken a snippet of our hooping post and added it to their fresh daily dose of hooping info.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Brazilian Festival

This weekend in Tokyo was simply stunning, usually is after a typhoon. Clear skies, bright blue, a beautiful breeze and just balmy enough to hold onto that Summer feeling.

After a fab shopping expedition which ended with many things gold and sparkley for a certain Foxy Brown , we headed on over to Yoyogi Park to get a taste of Brazil. The annual Brazilian festival was alive and shakin by the time we arrived.

Not content whith sipping Brazilian beer and taking in the BEAUTIFUL sites we got up nice and close to the stage for some sweaty booty shaking. The crowd was so alive and animated, aside from the obvious Tokyo buildings off in the distance we were happily wrapped up in the South American spirit. The smiles, the moves and the beats.

Best of all we got to meet the outrageously gorgeous Julie, of JulieinJapan fame.

Today was all about hooping. A 2 hour class followed by a 2 hour roadside chat with our fabulous trainers Justin and Mario from Hoop Store Tokyo.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

What's Going Down in Tokyo Town?

" I am so beautiful" - Natalie

This weekend in Tokyo is set to be a stunning one. The few days after a typhoon are always amazing. Everything will be swept away including the clouds it will be the devine calm after the storm.

So we are taking it to the streets and soaking up the warm rays while we can!

This weekend will be a mini carnival with the Brazilian Festival being held in Yoyogi Park.

For something just as funky, Saturday night at the Ruby Room in Shibuya is Virgo night. An electro party right in the center of it all!

And after all the hip shakin and floor stompin Sunday is the perfect time to relax. Superior relaxation is what the Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari is all about. Foot baths, hot rocks, sand baths, natural hot springs and a chance to step back in time is just a slice of the beauty on offer at this highly regarded onsen in the odaiba area.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Bigger than a Typhoon

As we sit here with sand bags at the ready, there is only one thing bigger than typhoon No.9 that is currently whipping Tokyo into a wet and whirly frenzy... iPod Touch.

We can guarantee there are millions of kids all over this city planning their attack right now, preparing themselves for the lines, scoping out the iPod touch lottery tickets for as soon as this natural disaster is over there will be a shopping storm ahappening in all electrical stores across the country.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm hooked and I can't stop staring...

Oh baby I wanna get wit cha and take yo pitcha...

I know I should be putting this kind of thing over at the other SPACE but there is no denying the prettiness and sushi zume is all about the pretty!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hoop Thoughts

tokyo hoop store hoops

Aside from TOKYOMADE, Dr. Sketchy's Tokyo, hanging out with our awesome friends, making our new apartment gorgeous, where to go for a break in December and a million other things, recently much of our time and thoughts are consumed, in a healthy way, by Hoop Dance.

Our daily practice ranges from 40mins to an hour and a half and each session we are learning new ways to move and make motion. It is so great that we can do it together, as with anything in life it is always wonderful to have someone to encourage you and challenge you.

To track our progress and the steps we take to becoming qualified hoop teachers here in Tokyo Japan, fluid dancers and hoop wranglers we have started a new blog called Tokyo Hoop Stars. This will be a space for us to record our thoughts, changes and challenges. We also hope to connect with other hoopers in Japan and internationally via the blog. Masao will write his posts in Japanese and mine will be in English, so it is a bilingual, international hooptastic place to hang out. Even if you are not into hoop dancing we would love to hear your thoughts or questions about hoop dance. There will also be plenty of hoopy ideas and videos over there to inspire and amaze.

If you are a hoop dance or like to dabble in a bit of spiral action we would really love to hear stories of your hoop adventures!

Tokyo Hoop Stars is a far more personal blog about our journey to hoop stardom ;)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Performance Art in Tokyo

A high voltage performance on the streets of Shinjuku, Tokyo.

I am a bit mesmerized by this at the moment! Experimental or artistic performance on the streets of Tokyo, while far more common during the warmer months is not a major money or attention spinning event for artists like it may be in some countries.

I remember last summer we watched a street performer in Barcelona do his thing and then coincidentally followed him into a local cafe after he had finished his performance. For a guy who had spray painted his whole body green and stood motionless for much of his act he raked in a fair packet of euro! Impressive.

Although we are not yet hooptastic enough to take our spiraling to the streets it could make for an tingling experience and confidence builder.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Cocktails and Chandeliers

homeparty in Nishiogikubo
We love our friends. And we love them even more when they are at our house eating, drinking and being hilariously merry.
homeparty in Nishiogikubo
Thank you to everyone who popped in for a quick mojito, a bit of a dance and some balcony shenanigans.

Check the almighty Leila Chan for a more people pic filled post.
homeparty in Nishiogikubo
I was far to busy behind the bar to get any great pics!
homeparty in Nishiogikubo

homeparty in Nishiogikubo