Tuesday, October 31, 2006

we dig it

Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone...
Not much to say on the subject - certainly not part of my heritage but big fun just the same
Thanks to the obaasan kicker for taking us to club in which I was the one and only woman...oh except for the lovely marilyn/lady dianna impersonator
Unfortunately I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked...so keep a look out on other blogs

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

celebrity romp

It seems some celebrities just don't know when to stop.
We were not surprised to find these photos mysteriously appear on our desk this morning.
Recent Tokyo A-lister and international blogging superstar, Obasan Kicker, has been spotted in a seedy Shinjuku karaoke room with two unknown young groupies, one of which is rumoured to be the love child of Tina Turner and Axel Rose. Other reports suggest the trio was accompanied by none other than world famous stylist, MStyle, of TokyoMade fame.
We just want to know, when will these types learn there is more to life than grapefruit sours and moist towelettes?

medium rare

As our Ibizian bronze slowly fades to a somber shade of Tokyo grey, thoughts of keeping our colour the Shibuyan way had crossed my mind.
Until we wandered past THIS salon nestled along the Yamanote tracks between Ebisu and Shibuya.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


have been sick and so have missed much of the crazy, cyclonic weather going on outside. the streets, well parts of them, look like a disheveled wasteland of leaves, company flyers and torn up umbrellas.
such uncivilized wind does have it's merits; the smog and cloud seems to have disappeared and left Tokyo snuggled in bright, blue sky, the washing certainly is having fun out there and no need for a hair drier this morn, think of the energy saved.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

instant messaging the dalai

as our industry has switched rapidly into an online one we are spending every ounce of our time online - with two macs in our tiny tokyo apartment we are working on it double time
the internet is bursting at the seems with a combination of greatness, creative explosions and a whole lot of really down right unusual stuff!
if you haven't got a myspace page yet you can start to consider yourself well outside of the cyberloop (the 18-22 year old cyberloop that is) but it's not all for the young and virile with bad cell phone camera shots. myspace is a space for everyone - our current myspace friends include world famous djs, street artists, global activists, cartoon characters, record labels, transgender glamour pusses and even some real life friends.
with not too much effort you can find some pretty interesting characters in the 120 million strong myspace community.
today's favorite find is the DALAI LAMA...yep if you don't beleive me that the Dalai has his own space then go check for yourself HERE. swimming in this cyberworld we have become pretty much desensitized to EVERYTHING but the Dalai's friends list is blowing my mind.

Please note > EARTH was "online"
even dead people live on myspace - Bruce Lee and John Lennon also dwell in the Dalai's friend space
we are not one of the Dalai's friends (YET) but you can check out our spaces HERE and HERE

Friday, October 06, 2006

obasan kicker

sushi zume has been featured on Obasan Kicker - the hottest new blog to drag itself off the streets of Tokyo.
we are humbled

moby went to electric boogaloo school

always a fan of a good dance troupe
wondered where moby had got to...the little trickster was off breaking some moves, learning the groove

moby's new clip/song featuring the voice of debbie harry
who is your fav dancer? I love Tammy

Thursday, October 05, 2006

get ready to jump

Madonna really was in Japan!
Check out this J inspired preview for her new single "Jump" - love the street scenes

Sunday, October 01, 2006


so now we own it (YAY!) we just got to get it working
keep tuned