Sunday, March 26, 2006

my hair could charm the pants off you

I did not buy this conditioner for it's price, I certainly did not buy it for it's minimal environmentally helpful packaging (it is packaged in the thickest, gaudiest, over the top plastic dispenser), I did not buy it because it comes from the highest quality of hair salon monopoly...I bought this conditioner because I couldn't think of anything more lush than having hair 'at the beautiful fascinating state of being charming'!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

come on mr sun!

sexy singer harajuku
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Today was a gorgeous Tokyo day. But I simply cannot wait for summer! I love summer in Tokyo, in fact I love summer anywhere. Summer in Tokyo means salary men sweating in suits, summer festivals, fireworks, shorts and singlets, watching harajuku girls melt, slurping on watermelon, sexy street singers...

Thursday, March 23, 2006


...and hair make
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we still have not worked out what service this place was providing...

Sunday, March 19, 2006

tokyo wind

Today was one of the windiest days I have ever experienced - anywhere. On the corner of Gaien Nishi Dori and Aoyama Dori, the wind was so powerful it blew a lady straight off her bike. She, along with her bike and what it was carrying spilled right out onto the road. I was thankful for my big bones today, they kept my wheels turning and my load planted to the saddle.

phones cannot swim

retro phone
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we confirmed last week that not all cool things can swim. seconds after zume dropped my phone in my drink it hit the bottom gasping for air, the screen went all fuzzy and cool eighties look, took its last breath and died! we rushed it straight to phone hospital but they said unfortunately there was nothing they could do, they bowed, apologised and told us we could take a ticket and wait in line with all the other grievers who had also recently lost their phones.
After a long, tiring and confusing process we were granted a new baby and i only had to wait a day before i could touch her, hold her and start to bond with her. come to think of it i haven't given her a name ?? i like to think of her as a bit 60's and retro in a cool, modern kinda i will call her - agent 99

girl on bass

the cool chic
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a day of many faces

it is always so fascinating to me how each day can be be so very different from the last, how each day can be a diverse adventure; one that you are never quite sure where it will take you.

sitting in a meeting spoken only in Korean, of which I understand not one single word.
staring at: the Korean flag high up on the back wall, thinking i really must find out what the black lines and dashes placed around the center circle mean
as i look around: i discover that most people are not really paying attention to the speaker at all and assume that eye contact in Korean culture is not necessarily a sign of respect

squeezing and stretching all (or hopefully some) of the toxins out of me, in a shabby yet chic omotesando yoga studio
staring at: any thing I can that will help me to balance and not fall into the person next to me recreating a scene from a dominos tournament
as i look around: i note that the human body is an amazing thing, and think one day i will be able to contort mine just like the rest of my class can

some how i found myself in a small and intensely smokey music studio gig somewhere in nishi ogikubo; the music so deafening that i couldn't even complain - i remebered i had not been to something like this since i was in uni, and then i remembered exactly why - the hard thrashing and the rock look does nothing for my soul, but i still think the musicians are hardcore, crazy and extremely fit
staring at: the coolest bass playing japanese girl i have ever seen, thinking if i ever have a girl child she is forbidden to be anything but a bass player in a band
as i look around: i realise that the crowd of thirty odd people crammed into the tiny studio look more like statues in a park than young hipsters at a rockabilly/ metal gig and wonder why they are not thrashing about and going wild to the music they have come to enjoy

Sunday, March 12, 2006

the streets of harajuku are their canvas

street art harajuku tokyo
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stickered and tagged - the backstreets of harajuku tokyo

Saturday, March 11, 2006

night of surprises

A night out in Tokyo is always set to be full of twists and turns...last nights adventure was certainly no different.What started out as a surprise party for two dear friends departing the land of the rice and miso,
dinner at Cafe Eight, decorated with the most unusual wall hangings? (I still have no idea what this one is)
turned into the best karaoke sesh I have been to in days! We were feeling very posh and special when we entered the 'Crystal Room' and even more so when the champers, chocies and strawberries turned up for all 18 of us...
exploring the rest of the devine venue set up purely for singing pleasure...
we eyed off the other posh rooms, this one with lingerie should you feel the need to slip into something a little more comfortable while singing your fav top 40 hit...

and then, everyones favourite - the jacuzzi room. I will definitely be returning to belt out a few top hits...I just have to decide what to wear??


or this?
What do you think?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

whale sushi

whale sushi tokyo japan
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Where I am from this causes anger...where I am at this causes one to salivate
I have never tried whale meat, and I never intend to, it looks alot like what I guess horse meat looks like
As the whale meat did the rounds on the conveyer belt I felt oddly nervous, like Greenpeace was outside preparing to raid the joint ,busting in at any moment accusing us all of bloody slaughter. Of course I would be jailed for many years after a long trial in which I would have to explain why I was caught in an establishment that was supporting atrocities against mammals, particularly as a whale loving aussie this is definitely seen as a criminal act.
As I glanced around at the rest of the feeders in the tiny Shinjuku sushi stop, I got the distinct feeling that they were feeling none of my nervousness. Whale, pig, swordfish, lamb...

Saturday, March 04, 2006

it is never too late

It comes around once a year and yet it keeps me dreaming for a whole 12 months.
One day I too shall attend the biggest party on earth!
Tokyo was my dream and I made it a reality...Carnival in on 'the list'
I need you all to remind me that I live in one of the most exciting cities in the world!

brazilian trends

dreams imitating life

Having just woken from an eleven hour slumber in which I dreamt that Paris Hilton and her posse were escorting me and random friends on a coastal tour of some lush South American country during which time I was wanting so desparately to relax and enjoy my time but so stressed that both zume and my camera were not with me, I called off the trip dragging my friends home only to realise that they were all high on crystal meth and what I really had been seeing was not infact an animal park in a remote part of Venezuela but images from my friends elaborate halucinations....

Dreams are often difficult to interpret. I remember Mum used to have a book that would make interpreting last nights dream so simple. It was some bizarre pagan text with a broad index of dream elements. I am sure if I used it to evaluate last nights dream it would warn me that one of my seven children would contract polio, I am fearing that my thatch roof is wearing thin in the cold and that the cobbler needs to take more care when mending my shoes.

For a long time I held onto the theory that this life was divided into two parts. Our awake life and our asleep life. I had no particular reason to believe in such a theory, had never read it in any book or heard it from another, it was just a simple explaination for such vivid and adventurous dreams. I am a huge fan of sleep and love to drift off to dreamy asleep life.

These days I give little time to the interpretation of my dreams, but a great deal of personal thought to what the meanings of such adventures are. I am more and more convinced that dreams are a reflection of the thoughts, feelings and input of waking life. Having had quite a wild awake time last night I thought back to what could have made me have the Paris/ South American / friends/ animal park dream....

In the dream there was a breath taking coast line...

(looking through the photos I took last night, a coastline also appeared in my awake life...on the wall of a Shibuya karaoke room)

The drug references...
On the way out last night I was reading Me talk pretty one day by David Sedaris. The chapter entitled 12 moments in the life of an artist - his hilarious grapple with drugs and art school

Paris Hilton and random friends ??

The adventurous nature of the dream...
Last nights awake time was also quite adventurous from what I remember. Just before calling it a night, I vaguely remember trying to instill some normality and logical thought into the minds of the intoxicated patrons on a serverely overcrowded dance floor by forcing a pint sized salary man to loosen up a little. Removing his jacket for him throwing it into the crowd, taking off his tie and wrapping it around his head. There are some simple do's and dont's in life - wearing a business suit and tie on a dangerously overrcrowded and overheated dancefloor in a Tokyo nightclub with a Dj playing dodgey harcore trance that the punters have devised a group chant and choreographed dance to is a BIG don't!

The South American element of the dream...
Quite obvious! I have been in a slight depressive fog...Carnival in Brazil has ended for another year, another year that I missed it. But this is no ordinary year, this is the last chance that I had to be doing the samba down the streets of Rio before I turn 30. Oh well there is still another 10 years before I am 40...
Also last night's dinner at Shibuya's Christon Cafe evoked some heavenly feelings.