Sunday, March 19, 2006

a day of many faces

it is always so fascinating to me how each day can be be so very different from the last, how each day can be a diverse adventure; one that you are never quite sure where it will take you.

sitting in a meeting spoken only in Korean, of which I understand not one single word.
staring at: the Korean flag high up on the back wall, thinking i really must find out what the black lines and dashes placed around the center circle mean
as i look around: i discover that most people are not really paying attention to the speaker at all and assume that eye contact in Korean culture is not necessarily a sign of respect

squeezing and stretching all (or hopefully some) of the toxins out of me, in a shabby yet chic omotesando yoga studio
staring at: any thing I can that will help me to balance and not fall into the person next to me recreating a scene from a dominos tournament
as i look around: i note that the human body is an amazing thing, and think one day i will be able to contort mine just like the rest of my class can

some how i found myself in a small and intensely smokey music studio gig somewhere in nishi ogikubo; the music so deafening that i couldn't even complain - i remebered i had not been to something like this since i was in uni, and then i remembered exactly why - the hard thrashing and the rock look does nothing for my soul, but i still think the musicians are hardcore, crazy and extremely fit
staring at: the coolest bass playing japanese girl i have ever seen, thinking if i ever have a girl child she is forbidden to be anything but a bass player in a band
as i look around: i realise that the crowd of thirty odd people crammed into the tiny studio look more like statues in a park than young hipsters at a rockabilly/ metal gig and wonder why they are not thrashing about and going wild to the music they have come to enjoy


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