Thursday, January 31, 2008


I have been recently diagnosed. The prognosis; I am a Hoopaholic.

Bunny Hoopstar and her hulahoop troupe based in Sydney are all about cranking the hoop cosmic style.
I am about to embark on a super exciting adventure down under to meet Bunny and hopefully some of the other troupe members.
Stay tuned, I intend to bring back to Tokyo as many zip lock bags as I can filled with their juiciness!

Thank you Bunny!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

See For Yourself!


Just peed my pants!
NEW Kylie Eeeekkkkk!
Love the curls, taking me back to the spiral perm look of Locomotion.

UPDATE: Just saw the new clip to WOW on perez, two pairs of undies in one day!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


It's official - New York label, now Tokyo-based, chief & mischief are ready to launch their range and TOKYOMADE are supporting in full force. To celebrate this meeting of creative minds STITCH is the first collaborative event featuring chief & mischief, TOKYOMADE and LADE clothing all mixed up in one lush Tokyo club (Velours) with a dash of Hoop Dance for your viewing pleasure (yes, I will be doing my first club performance in Tokyo!!)

Here is the flyer and info...

Come party with chief&mischief as they celebrate their debut on! Friends from Lade Clothing are also joining in the fun of
this brand new party that will showcase designers, photographers, artist
and DJs from Tokyo and beyond.

DJ's Miki (Ms. Rock Spirit), James (Jade Media/Robot Rok), Yuk1
(Velours/Womb) Ecco (Ecco Promotions) and Brandon (chief&mischief/Robot
Rok) will be spinning Electro Rock, House and Nu-Rave all nite. Shantell
Martin (On The March) will supply stimulating visuals for your viewing
pleasure, and Deanne from Tokyo Made will demonstrate why she was
for 2008 Newbie Hooper (Hoop Fusion) of the year!

Free goodies from chief&mischief, Tokyo Made and more! Tables are
by contacting Velours ( RSVP to get discounted entry.

See you there!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tokyo Trips

We blogged about this over at TOKYOMADE but thought it would totally fit in around here!

Thought it was about time we offered up a few more of our favorite Tokyo treats!

Photo by motomotoyanyan

Ping Mag has just done a fab interview with Ako San, creator of The Ghetto in Tokyo. A super hot spot to hit in Tokyo if you are in the mood to enter an underground culture oasis in the middle of love hotel land.

Layla Cafe in Kichijoji describes itself as an Arabian and waterpipe smoking cafe. We got an email from the stunning Mishaal and Astrid this week letting us know that there will be a Middle Eastern feast and belly dance performance there this Saturday. Looking forward to experiencing the dance and the feast in Kichijoji.

Veggie Paradise is the ultimate place to relax and unwind in a open space atmosphere with chilled tunes, comfortable surroundings and life giving raw food. Yuki the owner and raw food chef offers raw uncooking classes in Japanese or English. Yoga classes are also held most days with special after yoga meals on offer for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
If you are looking for a major raw feast, come join us for a raw/vegan pot luck party at Veggie Paradise. Gorgeous people and divine morsels!

Friday, January 18, 2008

She Likes to Party!

Thank you so much for your love and amazing support! I have received so many awesome wishes and messages of encouragement after receiving a nomination for a Hoopies award.

Thought it only fair that I share the REAL clip from the song I used for my hooping video.

Party All the Time by Sharam

and the inspiration, the original! Rock it Eddie.



Did you know there are two official Valentine's Day occasions in Japan? February 14 is the first gift giving occasion, on this day girls and ladies across the land show their love and appreciation with yummy gifts. Often chocolates or homemade sweets will be given as a sign of thanks or affection.

The guys in this country get a great deal because they are given one month to find a gift to reciprocate their feelings. White day is March 14, this day is often a day when gifts are passed from the guys to the girls.

We think everyday is LOVE day but two official celebrations is a pretty good deal!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Raw Pot Luck Party

It was RAWsome!
RAW potluck party

On Saturday night while Masao was out partying in Omotesando I chilled with amazing souls at Tokyo's gorgeous raw food restaurant, Veggie Paradise.

I had been to Veggie Paradise once before, for a delicious lunch after breaking my cleansing fast. This time, Yuki the owner of the restaurant was generous enough to allow us to use the upstairs space for a pot luck party.

Raw Pot Luck Party
A healthy and hearty feast! If you are in Tokyo and would like to experience some raw power check here for the next "party".

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hoopies 2008 are holding their first annual Hoopies awards.

GUESS WHAT? I have been nominated and chosen as one of five Outstanding Newbie Hoopers (Started in 2007)

You can VOTE FOR ME and a range of talented and inspirational other hoopers across the globe @ Each hooper or hoop group has a link so you can check out their amazing skills and passion.

Thank you so much to and all other hoopers for your inspiration and constant support.

Thank you to you for being my power (and voting for me, of course!!)

Hoopy love

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Game cards do not actually talk...

I loved Anne, Anita and Maria!

Monday, January 07, 2008

I am 31!

Uh huh, I popped out on this day 31 years ago. To celebrate this monumental gala I am doing absolutely nothing but wallow in unrestrained relaxation and contentment that I have come so far in such fine form (hear the sounds of my own trumpets a tootin'!)
Naturally I would not be half the woman that I am now if it weren't for my outstandingly supportive mama, sister, nan and gran. Thank you for loving me the way you do, it gives me shivers. Thank you, I love you!
Every moment of everyday I can truly be me because of the love and support I am constantly surrounded by from the boy I love with all of my heart, soul and omph. It is the most earth-shattering feeling to have someone who is totally on your side all of the time. I love you the most forever!
My life is spilling over with an abundance of rockin' individuals. Huggable friends, inspirational friends, supportive, enlightening, enchanting, nurturing, dynamic, stimulating, eloquent and propelling friends. Friends that have shaped me in the past and friends that continue to share their pure force with me. Thank you!
Huge hugs to everyone for the beautiful wishes and the sweet presents!
Everyone deserves treats on their birthday so last night I made a scrumptious recipe from the priceless book Ani's Raw Food Kitchen, Donut Holes.

ps Finding dates in Tokyo is like finding a pot o gold at the end of the rainbow. Any suggestions so very welcome!
UPDATE: I mean these kind of dates, not these kind of dates! :)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Thoughts Become Things

Thoughts do become things I know that for sure but when I clicked over to yesterday I had no idea that my dreams of being on their front page would come true so quickly! Yay! I even took a screen capture to hold onto the fame for more than 15 minutes. Thank you and thanks to my amazing photographer!

Plenty of horn tooting going on around here. Lots of hugging and jumping for joy, Masao even peeled me a fresh, juicy mikan to celebrate (I asked for cake I got citrus!)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Winter Bliss

This winter in Tokyo has been particularly stunning. Tokyo is known for it's crisp winters with brilliant blue skies, but the warmth of the glowing sun this year is such a treasure. Each morning we wake up with the sun beaming in through our bedroom window, look at the sun, look at each other and usually blurt out something like, "Another gorgeous day!" Great start to the day really!

The sun and warmth has meant lots of hooping in the park. Which I am filled with happiness about.

Masao has a new (huge, heavy and super powered looking) lens for his camera and I have got some new hoop moves. We put them together yesterday, Masao got to practice his action shots and I got to practice my actions. A perfect team!





Lots more of Masao's pics at my sushi zume flickr

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Akemashite Omedetou (Happy Year Year)

Shotaro & Momoka
The first day of 2008 was a relaxing and happy one. Visiting Masao's family and friends, we were spoiled and pampered all day. What a gorgeous way to start the year.

Happy New Year!