Saturday, July 05, 2008

Honey Bunny - New TOKYOMADE Sweetness

As kawaii as their accessories and sweet as their brand name suggests, Japanese creators Honey Bunny are filling the lives of Tokyo kids with delectable pieces from a yummy utopian world of sweet fashion.
Fairytale like creators Hansel and GR, as they like to be called, started whipping up batches of goodness about 2 years ago when they saw a shortage of sweet treats to wear and share. Since then the sweet accessory look has boomed in Japan and Honey Bunny has been here to bake the goodies and keep the kids sugar filled.
Naturally Honey Bunny creators spend their days munching on cookies and sweets in cafes flipping through confectionery magazines for delicious inspiration.
Honey Bunny is a brand for girls who love to dress up with kawaii, pop, fairy tale and sweetie styles.

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