Sunday, April 22, 2007


We think everyday should be Earth Day!

And not just because Tokyo gets to enjoy a two day festival in Yoyogi Park known as Earth Garden.
Tokyo and Earth put on spectacular weather this weekend. The wicked wind blew the smells of patchouli and hemp around the park and Gocoo put on a taiko performance powerful enough to stir any soul.
As an earth loving, vegetarian in Tokyo it often feels like an uphill battle so Earth Garden is the ultimate two day adventure in all things calming, soothing and yummy. Away from the traffic, buildings, sushi shops and extra packaging, Earth Garden is filled with rows of tents offering the very best environmental solutions, fun and fashion this country has to offer (oohh and some very delicious hemp beer!)

We joined Cometman, Leila chan and friends for an awesomely, earthy day in the park. Got to check out some very cool eco-design and nibble many a vegan snack. Also bumped into Mac Bag doing her thing. There was a bit of a stampede in her tent, her stuff really is hot, we are totally happy that she is so popular- well deserved.
Happy Earth Day Tokyo fans! Remember > switch it off, ride your bike, say no to plastic bags (get a groovy shopper instead), plant yummy things, every drop counts, reuse it, reduce it and buy recycled when you can!

In the middle of a moving performance the taiko leader,Kaoly Asano, offered her words of wisdom for Earth Day "All you need are two words > Arigatou (thank you) and Ashiteru (I love you)"

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Harajuku Girls for a Day

What does Finland and Japan have in common? You can Wikipedia all you like, but you are probably going to end up with the same answer as us...not much! Well atleast that is what we thought but it seems as if we were oh so very wrong.

The answer is Harajuku Girls! While we are not entirely sure that any 'real' Harajuku Girls exist in Finland, we have definitely spotted some Finnish Harajuku Girls in Japan. We even have the pics to prove it!

Inspired by some of our personal favs; Kera and Fruitsthese girls were on a two week Tokyo pilgrimage when we spotted them on a sunny corner in Harajuku.

In awe of their popularity and intrigued by their inspiration we just had to stop for a quick chat and photo op.

Decked out in Takuya Angel, a much loved Harajuku label, one of the students confessed there really wasn't any kind of street scene quite like the Harajuku one in Finland. A bit of Cosplay here, a bit of dress up there but no true scene to speak of. Both students surprisingly spent a hard earned fortune on their dress ups, on a much dreamt about Tokyo shopping spree.

Surrounded by the rest of the Harajuku crew, not content just to shop and watch, these cosplayers were rewarded for their audacity with endless requests for photos and the chance to be Harajuku Girls for a day.


Friday, April 06, 2007



Tuesday, April 03, 2007


A simply stunning Sunday morning in Shinjuku saw the Go Go Girl and I head out early with our mat, our snacks and our 10 litres of specially concealed Sakura Sangria.

An outrageously gorgeous spot on the water called for us and we set up camp, stretched our legs, turned up the tunes and had a little spring nap while we waited for the others.

Wasn't long before the emails started coming in warning of ridiculous lines at the entrance to the park. Fearing the beautiful beverages might go to waste we started sipping a little early.

Soon the other cherry blossom babes turned up and joined in the festivities.

By the time toilet time came around a scan of the park revealed the thousands and thousands of other sakura lovers that had packed into the park.

The toilet line up appeared atleast a 20minute wait - with quite a few litres of sangria in my water works by this stage I was thanking my lucky stars I had studied up on this. Something all ladies should practice to avoid going to the ladies (and I am not suggesting that you go to the men's but I am suggesting that you become at one with nature in your own litle private Idaho.

The party was only just beginning by that stage...

Monday, April 02, 2007


We headed to Enjoy! House in Ebisu again on Wednesday night. Can't get enough of it's rawness (and frozen cocktails!)
Have been celebrating the arrival of Spring in fine style. A celebration a night in fact. From enjoying house with Seimani on Wednesday night to very fine drops Aussie style at Araku in Shinjuku with The Keitai Goddess and her fine man on Friday night. Saturday night lead us to a debaucherous rodeo-like ride at a Mexican Cantina with LeilaChan. All preparation for what was to be the wildest Sakurathon Sunday. Photos are on their way.
Happy hanami everyone!