Tuesday, April 03, 2007


A simply stunning Sunday morning in Shinjuku saw the Go Go Girl and I head out early with our mat, our snacks and our 10 litres of specially concealed Sakura Sangria.

An outrageously gorgeous spot on the water called for us and we set up camp, stretched our legs, turned up the tunes and had a little spring nap while we waited for the others.

Wasn't long before the emails started coming in warning of ridiculous lines at the entrance to the park. Fearing the beautiful beverages might go to waste we started sipping a little early.

Soon the other cherry blossom babes turned up and joined in the festivities.

By the time toilet time came around a scan of the park revealed the thousands and thousands of other sakura lovers that had packed into the park.

The toilet line up appeared atleast a 20minute wait - with quite a few litres of sangria in my water works by this stage I was thanking my lucky stars I had studied up on this. Something all ladies should practice to avoid going to the ladies (and I am not suggesting that you go to the men's but I am suggesting that you become at one with nature in your own litle private Idaho.

The party was only just beginning by that stage...


Blogger Mark V Tokyo said...

You get to hang out with the most interesting people! They all look fabulous!

3/4/07 10:06 PM  

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