Friday, April 28, 2006

boy splash

Off to ageHA tonight for what I hope will be a pretty party.
Shangri La Splash

Thursday, April 27, 2006

terrific trio...

Photos of us just keep on popping up!
I especially love this one I got sent to me today...
Thanks Adrien, for a beautiful photo and an outstanding event!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

recent favourites

As long as he helps pay the bill, I let him use my phone anytime. But I can't for the life of me understand why he has to keep calling those expensive horoscope hotlines and the 1800-Hot Baby talk lines...

I love my new classroom. Check out my big screen TV.

We are such a clean family. In the time it takes my volcanic ash face pack to dry and apparantly draw all the toxins from my skin, Zume has meticulously brushed, buffed and polished each and every one of his teeth.

Scoping the Nakameguro art scene with my boyfriend Finn.

Wandering the streets of Shibuya late at night, you are bound to bump into friends new and old. But Spidey was the last person/ aracnid I expected to run into on Friday night. Although he was having a bit of downtime (obviously no villians around on Friday night) with some very cute Japanese girls, he was ever so gracious and stopped for a photo. I never knew Spiderman smoked, I guess it's so cheap in Japan who could blame him.

We have had a little get together but still can't decide if we are going to the next Tokyo Decadance...have to wait and see.

Check out the 'Nice day Nice smoking' slogan on the top corner of this very cool old cigarette vending machine. Sure, why not? Especially on a nice day, tis the perfect time to fill your lungs with devine chemicals and toxins.

I knew something was up when all the other passengers when over 80. We were under the impression that it was a rapid ride down an unforgiving river.

Look how happy the man looks with the picture he just took with his crappy phone camera.
Look at the water behind me...this was no wild white water adventure. Yet highly relaxing.

girls on the train

Even girls outside of Tokyo, on less crowded 'country' trains feel the need to preen themselves publicly.

my pretties

Aside from the discoloured, stepped on petals still scattered around the sakura/ume explosion is almost a thing of the past.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

reason no. 963 why living in Tokyo is bliss (at times)

At precisely 1:38 am this morning, as I wandered along a comparatively quiet Meiji Dori, in an effort to save myself $40 in cab fare, the chill in the air overcame me. I was forced to seek a place to relieve myself of the remaining chu hi in my catchment area left there from the previous 2 hour karaoke session.
When I had almost lost all hope of keeping things contained, I spotted a little public toilet block in the distance. Making a mad dash, I hesitated as I got to the brick building, not because it appeared dangerous or dirty, I hesitated simply because there is no other country in the world were I would feel safe enough to enter a public toilet block on a quiet street; day or night.

I also spotted this delightful and larger than life shop front on my stroll home through Harajuku.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

volume 7 - already

Tokyo Decadance is set to kick into action again (so soon)
This time at Ever
April 29
What EVER shall I wear this time
Really tempted just to buy a Hard Gay outfit from the costume section of Tokyu Hands, no time to make one!

Monday, April 17, 2006


My love affair with the human body and my amazement at how purely it is intertwined with the mind and spirit has deepened even more recently. Caused by a number of factors, but mostly by my daily yoga practice and the help of the teachers at the yogajaya studios.
The opening of blocks and the push through limitations is as a good a feeling as any.
This week after ashtanga class I get to chill, in a late but much anticipated, hanami party with all my loves. My ladies are back from their frolicking with the Thai boys and it's time to get the full stories!
If it is warm, things should be just about perfect... you really should come along.

the singer

We hear noises at night. They are the kind of noises that make us glance up to the ceiling and then at each other in wonder. We are both wondering the same thing, so we need not even voice it. We wonder what he looks like, what he is wearing, who his friends are, where he comes from, why is he in Japan, what his day job is, what those words are, what the moves look like...
I hear the noises right now infact, as I am typing this. They are getting louder and louder...

We have a singer in our building!

He is no ordinary hummer, strummer or shower singer. He is a hardcore, no stop, full time singer. He sings in his room, he sings on the stairs, he sings at the mail box, and right now he is up there in his 6 mat apartment with what sounds like a full piece band, including back up singers and dancers.
He is an elusive singer, so we can only imagine what he actually looks like and what he is actually doing.
The thing about our singer is that he is not genre specific and he sings neither in English or Japanese, so neither of us know what he is swooning about. Some nights he is 'hee hee'ing like Michael Jackson while quite obviously busting some sleek MJ moves. I have heard him at the mail box checking for his latest gas bill while belting out a theatrical masterpiece and right now I can hear him...he is clapping (without a steady beat) the songs tempo is sporadic, the backing band kicks in and shuts of, his harmony will be smooth and low and then all of a sudden without mercy he cranks up the volume and is singing 'heeeeeeenaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh hhheeeeeeeeennnaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh'.
I am no judge of good music (you saw my recent hit list) but I know a steady beat and a soulful, spirited voice when I hear one. Our singer posesses very little voice quality, there is nothing soothing, soulful or attractive about what he does. In any other country his singing/screaming would be followed by an even louder scream of 'Listen Pal if you don't shut the hell up, I am gonna come up there and rip your tonsils out'. In any other country I would assume he had a very expensive drug habit.
Besides the twisted entertainment value (we are dying to see what he really looks like, even though he has been doing this almost every day for months we still have not caught a good look), the beauty of our singer is that he, aswell as being tone deaf, is deaf to self doubt. His scratchy voice and odd lyrics scream passion. His disregard for the outside world is something I deeply admire. He obviously has that poster on his wall, you know the like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening. For some that is simply an affirmation to aspire to, a bunch of words that somebody wrote down that sounds like a pretty cool idea...but for our singer it is his truth. I wouldn't trade our singer for anything.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Never ending list

Although it makes me look like a complete pop princess...this really is what I am listening to (still)
Create your own Music List @ HotFreeLayouts!
(I am a copy cat- THANKS to Frangipani )

Friday, April 14, 2006

Super formula power pack!

I currently have 157 unread pieces of spam mail in my yahoo bulk box. I can't really say for sure why I have been saving them up instead of deleting them.

I think it is because I really admire and aspire to be as creative as the name writer for this spam mail. So many amazing people have sent me junk mail...
Opalescent C. Measliest is offering me the Ultimate Online Pharmaceuticals
Acerbity A. Drug has sent me an Online Pharmacy Guide
Ultimated M. Thriftily wants me to cum like a porn star (which I am really not keen on doing, I would much prefer the Ultimate pharmaceutical, cumming like a porn star seems like far too much work)
Defectors F. Rout and Refugees T. Chokes are offering a Super formula power pack (I do not know where either of these people are finding time to sell super formula power packs? I can only imagine them with their tiny ibook wedged into the back of a people smuggling cargo truck with 63 other spam mailers)
I was happily checking my latest friends inventive names when I spied something/ someone that left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. I don't mind a bit of smut, a touch of illicit substances for only $29.95, I will even support the refugees and defectors in their attempts to flee their war torn nations...but there is just no way on god's green earth I am making any sort of contribution to the heavens.
I got this today...
Sender: Mrs Praise Subject: DONATION TO THE LORD

My spam entertainment is in a downward spiral! They are just asking for a good hard deleting!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

room with a view

They are almost all gone - but this is the view from my desk at the moment.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

moving to the country (NOT!)

There is no doubt about it the air is cleaner, the sky looks more blue, the surroundings are calmer...but we couldn't help but stop and wonder all day - where the hell do these country folk buy a cool pair of jeans, get their mac fixed or grab their groceries for that matter??
Today's trip beyond the city limits confirmed we are not cut out for country living, but it was a much needed getaway. Arriving back at the everbusy Ikebukuro station was like a slap in the face, a familiar and somewhat comforting slap in the face.
If you are looking for a little getaway, Chichibu is the place. Not much to do except take in the devine sites and breath the fresh, fresh air. Oh if you are feeling a little bit adventurous there is a rapid ride down the river, albiet very tame. Take the red arrow from Ikebukuro, one and a half hour relaxing ride out of town. The free day pass makes it an easy day out.