Friday, April 14, 2006

Super formula power pack!

I currently have 157 unread pieces of spam mail in my yahoo bulk box. I can't really say for sure why I have been saving them up instead of deleting them.

I think it is because I really admire and aspire to be as creative as the name writer for this spam mail. So many amazing people have sent me junk mail...
Opalescent C. Measliest is offering me the Ultimate Online Pharmaceuticals
Acerbity A. Drug has sent me an Online Pharmacy Guide
Ultimated M. Thriftily wants me to cum like a porn star (which I am really not keen on doing, I would much prefer the Ultimate pharmaceutical, cumming like a porn star seems like far too much work)
Defectors F. Rout and Refugees T. Chokes are offering a Super formula power pack (I do not know where either of these people are finding time to sell super formula power packs? I can only imagine them with their tiny ibook wedged into the back of a people smuggling cargo truck with 63 other spam mailers)
I was happily checking my latest friends inventive names when I spied something/ someone that left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. I don't mind a bit of smut, a touch of illicit substances for only $29.95, I will even support the refugees and defectors in their attempts to flee their war torn nations...but there is just no way on god's green earth I am making any sort of contribution to the heavens.
I got this today...
Sender: Mrs Praise Subject: DONATION TO THE LORD

My spam entertainment is in a downward spiral! They are just asking for a good hard deleting!


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