Thursday, November 29, 2007

Deanne is...

I wondered only recently...

At what point did I begin to refer to myself as if I were a third party when speaking to others? A habit I thought was reserved purely for mothers and rock stars, I have caught myself lately saying things like "Miss Tonking is cold" when speaking to my students, or "Miss Tonking is going to lunch now, be back in 10 minutes". A quick scan of my body language while doing so revealed, thankfully that I have not yet started to point to my own nose while making such statements.

I once watched a 60 minutes interview with Billy Ray Cyrus in which he referred to himself only as Billy Ray. "Billy Ray does what Billy Ray wants" "No one tells Billy Ray what to do". Outwardly I am sure I would have scoffed at his behavior but I am beginning to think that internally I admired old Billy R.

I question my sanity a number of times a week, so this new language style had me momentarily pondering less about it's normality but more about it's origin. And then it hit me, like a thing that hits suddenly. Facebook! I can pin point the exact moment when I began using my name instead of other overused pronouns , twas the moment I first completed the infamous Facebook status sentence - Deanne is...

Deanne is considering the magnitude of her Facebook enslavement.


I plan to write a bigger chunk about last night's Dr Sketchy's Tokyo event, the final for the year, but I just adore the shots of the sketchers hard at work I had to share!

Dr Sketchy in Nov

Dr Sketchy in Nov

Dr Sketchy in Nov

TOKYOMADE on Facebook (it had to be done!)

[I know, I know sushi zume is looking like a big TM ad right now but I am just mixing all my loves into one big pot at the mo given that it is officially party season and a girl has to spread herself around anyway she can - 'tis the season to get silly!]

Check out our Japanese Street Style group on Facebook where you can discuss your favorite styles from the streets of Tokyo OR click on the TM Facebook logo below to make your way to the new, official TOKYOMADE facebook page, become a fan and be the first to receive giveaway updates and Tokyo fashion reports.


P.S. I am a complete Facebook addict at the moment (can you relate?) I have also created a group called I cut my own hair! so if you are a self-styler be sure to upload your funky hair pics. Let's create the greatest, grooviest hall of hair fame on Facebook!

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Meaning of Life

You're the fish face I adore!

This was made way back in the 80s and although it took me until now to discover it I am almost positive it was the beginning of an intergalactic force that pulled me towards the island of Nippon.
Does it get any cooler than this? I ask you!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Japanese Toilet TV

This is the kind of TV viewing you begin to get used to living in Japan.

While I have never been the victim of pranks like these I do feel I have encountered my fair share of toilet related traumas here. I can't imagine ever recovering fully from being pulled into water from a porta loo while squatting to let one out. I still have not recovered from my first encounter with an electronic toilet and it's tendency to spray water unnecessarily or a Shibuya train station squatter prior to last train.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I love her but why does she have to be so cold?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Rare depth of consciousness

The evolution of consciousness, self reflexive awareness.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Design Festa Report

Imagine holding a party in a big open space surrounded by over 50 000 of your most amazing friends and acquaintances. That is the overwhelming feeling we had all weekend, our first time to have a TOKYOMADE booth at Design Festa.
Design Festa 2007 11.
We had been planning and preparing for this party for a long time and were excited when the morning finally arrived. Getting up early and braving the Tokyo chill, with bags in tow we headed out to the Tokyo Big Site.
Design Festa 2007 11.
The event began at 11am, we got there early although underestimated the time it would take to get everything ready,set, go! Lucky for us Kana, Chi and Ryo were there to help us. After fitting all the puzzle pieces together our booth was finally ready.
Design Festa 2007 11.
Design Festa 2007 11.
Design Festa 2007 11.
We are used to confined spaces in Tokyo but the Design Festa booth gave new meaning to teeny, tiny. Stepping outside of the box we let the stunning array of colorful accessories, art and fashion wow and amaze while we greeted friends and customers. Positioning ourselves out in the aisle amongst the human traffic it was like one big and constant street party. Great times!

We were lucky to be placed next to Sonja, designer and creator of Discrete Bags as well as divine handmade, original fashion pieces.
Design Festa 2007 11.
Many friends and TOKYOMADE designers stopped by over the course of the two days. We were on such a super high on the train ride home recalling all the fabulous people that came to lend a hand, a chocolate bar, a much needed coffee, a smile, a hug or a quick hello.
Design Festa 2007 11.
Design Festa 2007 11.
Design Festa 2007 11.
We were overjoyed with the amount of interest and curiosity expressed, it truly was a top opportunity for TOKYOMADE, all of the contributors and for us personally.
A huge thank you to you all for your coolness and support, will definitely be back next time bigger and better! See you there!
Design Festa 2007 11.
Design Festa 2007 11.
Design Festa 2007 11.
Design Festa 2007 11.
Design Festa 2007 11.
Special thanks
Thank you so much to Kana and Chi for all of your help setting up. It was really awesome to hang out with you this weekend, we look forward to doing it again soon. Thank you both for bringing along your new range of stunning creations.
A big thanks to Ryo Honda for bringing extra figurines and books especially for Design Festa. Thank you for supporting us all weekend and for helping to pack up.
Thank you a million to all of my friends at TKS for stopping in many times to say hi and give us lots of treats, hope you had a cool day. Thanks Mark, Nick, Erin, Lindsey, Ryan and Finntan was lovely having lunch with you.
Thank you to my fair lady Leila, looking forward to that lunch you promised. Thanks Julie, lulu and Alison for coming to give hugs and smiles, it was great to see you all looking so fabulous and ready for shopping action.
It was great to meet you Yuki and Lindsay.
Thank you to Bros Wear Designs, LADE and Pod Canvas for all of your help, we could not have done it without you.
Thank you to Pink Salon, BLITZ Kiss, Lissita and Tiny Azure. Yamaji San the onigiri were very delicious thank you.
Thanks to Jaimie a lurking blog fan who stopped in to say hi, you really made my month! Make sure to say hi and hope you can make it to a Dr Sketchy's or another event soon so we can catch up.
Thank you guys from ro ro design for stopping in.
Thanks to Shojono Tomo for your guidance and bringing intense funkiness to our booth while you were there. You are pure inspiration.
Thank you to the Spank! girls for your never ending cuteness.
Thanks to all of the boothers surrounding us your displays and friendliness added so much tot he weekend.
Thank you Daniela, James and Rita we treasure your warmth so much and the fudge was freakin amazing!
Thank you to Sidney Pink and April for your greatness. Congratulations April on your Design Festa success.
Thanks to Karryn and Rachel from Kyoto and Mie, you are seriously rad chicks and deserve way more than a medal for your mammoth effort.
Thanks to Muck and Chris, shall be sporting those bandanas with pride on the streets of Tokyo.
Thank you so much Sonja and Mina, your smiles, conversation and Pocky kept us going!
Thank you to all of the gorgeous shoppers, browsers and TOKYOMADE fans you are truly the ones who keep things ALIVE!
Thank you to the new friends and creators that we met we are really looking forward to meeting up with you soon!
Thank you Cometman for your generosity and kindness. Let's party soon!
Thank you to all of our friends that emailed in their support, it means a lot to us!
Have we forgotten you? No we haven't really it is just taking a while to process things in the calm after such a top weekend. Sending our thanks to you all a million times over!
Design Festa 2007 11.
Exhausted but happy, it is time for a good long sleep!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Design Festa - Your Questions Answered

Design Festa Vol. 26 is being held this Saturday (Nov 17) and Sunday (Nov 18) and we have been getting a few questions, so we answering them all right here, right now!

When is Design Festa?

Vol. 26 is this weekend, November 17 and 18. The event space will open at 11am and close at 7pm on both days.

What is your booth number?

will have a two mat booth at space C0066. We have been designing and building, sprucing and decorating all week so please come and celebrate with us! At least stop in and say hi!

What is Design Festa?

Design Festa is an International art event. It is the largest art event in Asia. This year there is forecast to be about 6500 exhibitors and a whopping 52 000 spectators.

Basically, if you are a first timer to the event you can expect aisle after aisle of booths built and decorated by artists, designers, creators, makers, painters, drawers, dancers, singers, djs, crafters, activists and lovers of life. You can also expect 51 999 other buyers, lookers, scouts, photographers, drifters, artists, shoppers, friends, family and lovers of life to be filing through the aisles in search of treasures in many forms.

Aside from the booths filled with color and creation there is also an outdoor space for the musicians and their fans, a large catwalk and stage, a performance art space, film space, short shorts showing and a large food and bev area.

Where is it?

Design Festa
is held at the Toyko Big Site. A spaceship like structure that is better known as an International exhibition center.

How do I get there?

Well that all depends on where you are coming from but it is usually a pretty relaxing train ride.

The closest station to the Tokyo Big Site is Kokusai-tenjijo Station. It is about 25 minutes from Shinjuku or Tokyo station, an hour from Narita airport and about 50 minutes from Yokohama.

You can jump on the Saikyo or Yamanote at Shinjuku station head to Osaki station (160 yen) and change to the Rinkai line to Kokusaitenjijo (320 yen) and be there in less than half an hour.

I find the easiest way to check all the times and routes is through the Jorudan website.

Check here for more access info.

Here are some extra special tips we thought might make your day(s) easier...

- If you are catching the train, buy your return ticket when you get to the station. You will thank us for this tip when you bypass the mass of people lining up for tickets to get home. You can breeze straight through the ticket gates, because you were a smarty pants and got yours early.

- There are coin lockers outside of the display area.

- It is a little walk from the station and being near the water it can get quite cold and windy (I know, I know I sound like my mum but this is important comfort factor info). Once inside the event space it almost becomes too warm. Consider locking up your jacket and any extra baggage (emotional or otherwise) it is way too stimulating and often crowded to carry any extras. Plus you need all hands free to fondle the goods and plenty of bag space for all of your purchases.

- There are plenty of bathrooms both in and outside of the event space.

- Design Festa provide a plastic (ugh) bag and event guide upon entry, while we are trying to keep our Earth gorgeous and green both of these things will probably come in handy but might we suggest that you bring your own cloth bag from home for all of your collections. You do collect A LOT of flyers, paper, stickers, business cards and the like, not telling you what to do, but please try to take only what you think you will need and truly use. Carbon neutrality is sexy!!

- There is a Tully's and conbini just before you enter the Tokyo Big Site through the main entrance on the Kokusaijijo station side, should you need to refuel after your train journey. The convenience store also has an ATM.

- If you are thinking of staying late and having dinner with friends in the area be aware that many of the restaurants close to Tokyo Big Site close quite early. There are a few small cafes and a Saizeria (that is usually packed with starving exhibitors filling up on the drink bar and 299 yen carafes of house wine). Odaiba is not far away, a 10 or so minute walk beyond the Fuji Television building and you will find yourself at the Odaiba DECKS and Aqua City. Here is a restaurant guide for the Tokyo Big Site area, if you are still unsure.

- Design Festa is BIG and if you are hoping to take in as many booths and performances as you can you are best to start early. Take water and a small snack to keep you going. You could easily walk up and done each aisle systematically for a solid 9 hours and not see everything.

Above all, Design Festa is a place where you are sure to find a new treasure, meet a new friend and be greatly inspired to do that thing that you 'have been meaning to do'.

See you there!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This is how I anticipate my Tokyo commute to manifest each day

Thanks Frangipani

This is usually what my chariot looks like...

Thank the universe for pink iPods, big dreams and cute Japanese boys with big hair!

Monday, November 12, 2007


Although in reality I have all the time in the world, I am allowing myself only 5 minutes, in this hectic and crazy schedule that I have chosen to set free something that has been welling inside of me.

I got a call from a very special lady last night who helped me to remember that I have been so locked up in my own happenings (TOKYOMADE, Design Festa, new projects, school) lately that I have not come up for air once to appreciate some of the alternative greatness that is around me.

I choose my thoughts and I choose what I attract and create in my life. Starting today, it is my intention to make more time for the people that have helped me become who I am today. It is my continuous goal to give myself more time for hooping, dancing and all of the wonderfully relaxing times that bring strength to my body and mind!

I am truly grateful for the strength of my gorgeous friends who surround me and support me. Their understanding and abundance of love surrounds me even though we are far apart.

I love to talk with my mum and hear of her growing strength. I enjoy hearing of my sister's worldly adventures. I love them both more than they know for everything that they have given to me, the numerous ways they have helped me become me.

I appreciate every opportunity that Masao and I have to follow our shared visions and dreams. I am truly grateful for the energy and fullness that we bring to each other's lives.

Thank you

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Here is to igniting new fires (metaphorically speaking of forest burning tendencies here!!)

In the lead up to Design Festa things are a flurry of excitement, inspiration, pink fluro paint and endless trips to the DIY store.

Friends in town next week makes it all the more exhilarating.