Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Year That Was - When Sushi Met Tokyo

Well 2007 certainly rocked the Casbah in so many more ways than I thought possible.

Bringing in the year in super fine spirits back at home in Australia certainly helped to kick the year off nicely and set a wonderful vibe that seemed to flow throughout the year. A swish birthday bash for my 30th worked wonders and was a great continuation of the holiday parties and outings. Much of January was about getting ready and steady for TOKYOMADE to get up and go go go! And boy did it ever! They say time flies when you are having fun, they ain't kidding. I am sure that part of the reason why it feels like 07 has flown by is the intense amount of fun we have been having caring for our new lil babe and the overwhelming response we have had.

Although we had been planning and daydreaming for quite sometime February was when all of dreams became a full blown reality, making way for new dreams and adventures to unfold. While sushizume took a back seat for a bit it was full speed ahead with a new blog with a whole new set of readers and friends.

March was all about decadence. We celebrated the blossoms and beautiful friends with the yummiest and possibly the pinkest cupcakes this side of Kyoto. Just looking back at them they look simply divine and we are eternally grateful to the talents efforts of our lovely friends Nick and Lindsey for a fabulous bake off that ended in a delightful river side feast.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any tastier, we were contacted by Japan's No. 1 English mag Metropolis. TOKYOMADE was a hit. Naturally I sent off copies to my ma and nan, they were proud as punch.

was all about the Earth and making connections. Tokyo began to shine and put on a spectacular performance for our highly debaucherous hanami party Shinjuku gyoen. Earth Day in Yoyogi made for a glorious end to the month.

Things starting really cooking in May with the sweet wiff of burlesque in the air as we were invited to sponsor the very glamorous Dr Sketchy's Tokyo Anti- Art School events. Lucky ducks we are. We also headed on back to our original dreaming and scheming grounds, Tokyo Design Festa, t meet up with friends and creators from all over Japan.

June was about sketching, waxing, drooling, hair cuts, umbrellas and TM featured in N.E.E.T magazine.

July shattered all past records and became the month of complete newness. Had I have known that a big plastic ring could bring about so much elation and change, both physically and emotionally I would have picked it up a lot sooner. Masao was Prime Minister for a day sharing his gorgeousness with Gala and Carnival came to Dr Sketchy's Tokyo. Being a Broad, an inspirational community for women in Japan wrote a wonderful review in their July issue. I reminisced about Paris and TM was splashed on billboards all over Shibuya. Oh yeah, and I became slightly addicted to Facebook.

Mama Mia came to Tokyo in August and we sock shopped the month away, with a quick trip to super serene Nikko. Big fun. Lots of pics, snacks and tired toes. I got the best surprise pressie of all, a cotton candy colored Hula Hoop, my mummy spoils me so. We spent a day in the gorgeous (sweltering) summer sun celebrating the Tokyo Pride day and I learned that wearing a pink wig, red dress and dancing well into the night surrounded by stunning drag queens can only end in one way...slumped in a karaoke box couch, drooling on a microphone, slurring Tina Turner songs with your mother, not so charming. My mum also become a Geisha and stunned us all with her beauty.

was all about hoops, cocktails and chandeliers. My love for all three continued to intensify. We rejoiced upon discovering that our humble abode was fit for funky parties and fabulous friends. As schedules became impossible to match up I took to the streets and hooped whenever I had a free moment. Studying from youtube and DVDs I began to develop my own style and hoop dreams began to sprout. More to come in 2008...

Looking back October was basically one big party, no wonder I can't remember much of it (a shame really cos the pics make it look like a whole lot of fun) Giveaways, Art Shows, birthdays, wild goose chases, karaoke, opera, sketching and Halloween all packed into one short and fun-filled month.

gave us the opportunity to be a part of Asia's biggest Art Show, Design Festa. A flurry of plans, ideas, packing, constructing, painting, nuts and bolts, shipping and two great days of friends new and old. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

has been all about celebrating the successes of the year and setting wheels in motion for the new one.

It has been such a wonderful year and we have so many truly beautiful, talented and loving people to thank for it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for your support, your comments, ideas and well wishes, thank you for thinking me into your life.

We have amazing plans for 2008. Our goals are set, venues booked and plane tickets to think about. Wishing you all a friggin splendid end to an intense year, set your sights high for 2008 because it is going to be a wild one! Nothing but the best to you, may all your hopes and dreams come true!

Big love and sweet dreams

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Death and Life of Ice Cream

A glorious masterpiece making me think of warmer months and frolicking at the beach! Ahhhhh

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Another gorgeous day in Tokyo but a little chilly for my liking. I taped one of my hoopdance warmups this morning. Our tatami room is gorgeous in the mornings with sun flooding in. It is a little small for my wild hoop dancing but great for warming up!

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Monday, December 24, 2007

All Year Round

Happy Holiday loves!

(From this time last year - me and my nan. xxxxx)

"Remember that giving, whether your gifts are tangible or of the soul, always feels good, whatever the occasion. However you prefer to celebrate the holidays, practicing the ideals of the season every day means experiencing the beauty of the holiday season all year long." Daily Om

Saturday, December 22, 2007

She Did it Again

(Indie Kylie in red changed my life (well my wardrobe atleast) and rocked my world!)

My gorgeous sister just sent me the new Kylie album, X. I guess she thought Kylie would keep me company here in Tokyo this winter while she was whooping it up ski bunny style on the French Alps. She was right!

The 10th album from Kylie, it almost makes me cry every time I listen (and I have been listening to it on repeat!) Kylie always was an intense role model for me but what makes these tunes so powerful and full of life giving energy is that Kylie is no longer a sassy little girl flaunting her hips and lips, she is a courageous woman who has over come breast cancer, she is a powerful, sexy woman who follows her dreams and lives them. There is no better role model.

Every song on this album could easily be a hit, in my humble teeny bopper opinion, but the first 4 (2 Hearts, Like a Drug, In My Arms, Speakerphone) are definitely going to get crazy amounts of radio play. I am sad that I am not in Australia or UK to celebrate Kylie's super success fully and be gloriously bombarded with her images everywhere I go. So I will do it from a far!

Kylie and Japan trivia

- X was released in Japan before any other country in the world. Japan's release date was Nov 21 while Australia and UK dates were November 24 and 26 respectively.

- The last thing Kylie says on her song Nu-di-ty is douitashimashite (meaning you are welcome in Japanese) followed by the Kylie giggle.

To celebrate the release Kylie performed a one off show called The Kylie Show. I may have lost my water had I been there to witness this...

Getting all choked up.... wwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Friday, December 21, 2007

Warming Up With Supa Plushes

Word on the street is it's about to get real chilly round these parts. Today was breathtakingly divine! Ah the brilliant blue of a winter sky in Tokyo completely makes up for the fact that we can't see stars here at night!

J*wls dolls

We have some cuddly new friends staying with us at the moment. Created by Parisian super talent J*WLS the Supa Plushes are inspired by the tanuki and it's magical myth in most of Asia. They can turn themselves into anything they want and are considered lucky charms here in Japan. They love to play and pull tricks on humans, but if you decide to adopt one of them, they will surely become your best companion.

Each character is hand made here in Japan, using fabrics and accessories from all over the city. J*WLS gives each of the little rascals their own French name and meaning. Every cuddly critter has a unique personality and can be adopted individually or as a family.

For more smooth style by J*WLS check out her blog creativeaddiction.

Check out Josephine the super kawaii muffin muncher and Leon the colorful chameleon. More Supa Plushes up for adoption soon!

J*wls dolls-Josephine

J*wls dolls-Leon

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Something like a Phenomenon

(I have no idea where this photo came from but I kept it for obvious reasons! We all have different goals for 2008...)

I am sitting here after a gloriously long bath, an action packed term and an eventful year staring at my exquisitely pristine new schedule book and collection of neon pens thinking about all number of things. Top of the list is 2008. What an earth shaking, core quaking, tummy rumbling thought. For all the right reasons 2008 is about to shape me like no other year in this lifetime has done. 2008 holds the coming together of years of thoughtful concoction, planning, idea sprouting. 2008 offers no limits to fulfilling each part of the full potential. I cannot even begin to explain how intensely life altering 2008 is going to be.

2007, while far from over for me, has been filled with newness, greatness, sacrifice, decisions, sleeplessness and hard work. All of which has twisted and turned itself into the most miraculous creations, connections and a very real and clear path. This will be so exciting to watch unfold.

One of my most wonderful connections, Gala put me in touch with this site today. One of the cutest things about the coming of any new year is the positive and powerful predictions made by so many around the globe.

Here is what Astrostyle had to predict for me. How wonderful that I already know it is all 100% spot on!

In 2007, Jupiter was Jupiter is in your twelfth house of endings, sacrifice and surrender. It was a sleepy year that could have felt sluggish or demanding. You need a break!

Well, get ready. With Jupiter in Capricorn, you're entering a brand-new 12-year cycle. Get ready for a major life reinvention and a fresh new chapter. It will be like night and day for you, Capricorn. Here's where to set your goals in 2008:

* Put yourself out there full blast
* Go for that impossible dream, risks be damned
* Get a radical, edgy makeover
* Trade the corporate pinstripes for something colorful, plunging and sexy
* Move, relocate, take a new job
* Hire a publicist
* Work in a creative field
* Book more "me" time and leave the martyr stuff to somebody else
* Vow to speak your mind

What have you got planned?

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N.E.E.T Magazine

How we love you so! The December 2007 issue of N.E.E.T magazine is out with a deliciously good spread on why we should all be buying handmade this holiday season!

Check out N.E.E.T for "grassroots creativity" and tons of hot picks from super cool handmade sellers from all over the world, including TOKYOMADE.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

BLITZ Kiss makes me ga ga


EEK! The BLITZ Kiss bounty is in full effect. Supa Novas, Day Glo Dazzlers, Bow Ties and Play Girls!

Party time peeps. Tokyo treasures to you all!

p.s It is getting chilly here, time to snuggle up under the blankets and wait for the blossoms to arrive me thinks.

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Monday, December 17, 2007


The terror, disbelief and sheer pain. Ah Christmas. A time of joy? Not for everyone.

Sending all my love to my amazing and beautiful mum who spends each and every Christmas giving love, care and attention to people with no families or homes to go to. Those thoughts create times of joy, that is worth celebrating. The red and green, the hideous tinsel, the overconsumption, the painful tunes on repeat pale in comparison to the true spirits that keep on giving day in day out, year after year.

I love you mama
(even if you did make me sit on Santa's knee...I don't remember it anyway!)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Masao

Thank you so much to everyone who came to celebrate Masao's birthday. Big fun!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Spin Spin Sugar

When I woke up this morning the sun was shining brightly through the rice paper and onto the tatami warming up the room making for the perfect stretch and groan session. Remembering how many mojitos I drank last night I contemplated staying snuggled under our new chocolate brown blanket, it is a big warm teddy bear. The power of the sun was simply too beckoning, I knew today was going to be a big hoop day.

I had been aching all week to get out into a wide open space and whip myself into a fenzy inspired by the outstanding strength of my recent online hoop loves. I had been visualizing many new spins, moves and hand positions.

I truly couldn't believe how stunning our little park was when I strolled over at about midday. I hadn't been during the day for so long that I almost didn't recognize it, the leaves so golden carpeting the ground hiding the dirty, dusty look of summer.

The sun wasn't giving up, which I was thankful for, it's rays dancing perfectly through the leaves. Every so often a gust of wind would sweep in stirring up the golden carpet and causing more leaves to fall from the branches. All I could do is put my hands up in the air and laugh. Today was possibly one of the most stunning days of the year!

We even met some new friends...

Friday, December 07, 2007

Humble Giants

Today in the Washington Post

"While Americans blog to stand out, the Japanese do it to fit in, blogging about small stuff: cats and flowers, bicycles and breakfast, gadgets and TV stars. Compared with Americans, they write at less length, they write anonymously, and they write a whole lot more often."

Read the article here

On the way home from the station I asked a simple question, "Why do you think Japanese are less aggressive than many Westerners?" The answer I got, "Because we don't want to hurt people, we respect them."

Sweeping generalizations, a dish best served warm.

When monsters attack...

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Metropolis Gift Guide 2007


The Metropolis, Japan's No. 1 English magazine, has just released their 2007 Gift Guide.
Congratulations to Discrete Bags and LADE Clothing who each had one of their creations featured in this year's super sleek gift guide.



A huge thank you to Metropolis mag for supporting Japan-based artists and creation.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

S.A.I.A.S Vol. 2

sunday afternoon in12

sunday afternoon in12

sunday afternoon in12

sunday afternoon in12

sunday afternoon in12

sunday afternoon in12

sunday afternoon in12

Thank you to everyone involved! A huge thanks to And Zone cafe in Shinjuku. Intense gratitude to LADE clothing for their support. Of course a huge thank you to all TOKYOMADE designers, friends and make it a success!

On the hunt for a new venue. Shimokitazawa here we come!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


This had me so mesmerized today I pushed all the tables to the side of my classroom and struck some hoopy poses on two separate occasions. I didn't have my pretty pink hoop with me so I raided the P.E. room and hooped with some skinny, kids plastic hoops. Liked it a lot!

This makes me ache with desire!

Buy Handmade, Buy TOKYOMADE

Being a conscious consumer is a ton of fun and it feels SO good! Buy handmade this holiday season.
Why? a) being a righteous, conscious individual is what life is all about. b) it is good for the soul - yours and the Earth's c) your friends will cherish their well thought out, individually styled gifts and d) it helps out independent artists and creators like the ones over at TOKYOMADE.

Some ideas for your handmade, Tokyo shopping adventure!