Friday, July 13, 2007

TM in Shibuya


We are ecstatically excited about our new postcards designed by roro the creators of the sleek iPod wear - Dress Pod

What do you think? For any of you who have been to Tokyo, watched Lost in Translation or seen pics of the city you will recognize the scene as the famously overcrowded Hachiko intersection in Shibuya, Tokyo. What makes our heart skip a beat about this scene is, if you look closely at the buildings you will see TOKYOMADE takes up prominent Shibuya advertising space. A prophetic postcard is ever there was one...someday!

Sending this lil baby off to the printers at once. Want some?? All you gotta do is mail us and your wish is our command!

For more roro design take a look HERE


Blogger Sigsy said...

bloody brilliant postcard - love it!

17/7/07 12:04 AM  
Anonymous MC said...

That's a great design! I'd love one but I suppose sending it internationally is a pain. Looks awesome though!

26/7/07 9:23 PM  

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