Friday, December 21, 2007

Warming Up With Supa Plushes

Word on the street is it's about to get real chilly round these parts. Today was breathtakingly divine! Ah the brilliant blue of a winter sky in Tokyo completely makes up for the fact that we can't see stars here at night!

J*wls dolls

We have some cuddly new friends staying with us at the moment. Created by Parisian super talent J*WLS the Supa Plushes are inspired by the tanuki and it's magical myth in most of Asia. They can turn themselves into anything they want and are considered lucky charms here in Japan. They love to play and pull tricks on humans, but if you decide to adopt one of them, they will surely become your best companion.

Each character is hand made here in Japan, using fabrics and accessories from all over the city. J*WLS gives each of the little rascals their own French name and meaning. Every cuddly critter has a unique personality and can be adopted individually or as a family.

For more smooth style by J*WLS check out her blog creativeaddiction.

Check out Josephine the super kawaii muffin muncher and Leon the colorful chameleon. More Supa Plushes up for adoption soon!

J*wls dolls-Josephine

J*wls dolls-Leon


Blogger lalo said...

they are very cute! but i don´t know if it´s a toy or what...

a big hugh!

21/12/07 8:32 PM  

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