Monday, December 17, 2007


The terror, disbelief and sheer pain. Ah Christmas. A time of joy? Not for everyone.

Sending all my love to my amazing and beautiful mum who spends each and every Christmas giving love, care and attention to people with no families or homes to go to. Those thoughts create times of joy, that is worth celebrating. The red and green, the hideous tinsel, the overconsumption, the painful tunes on repeat pale in comparison to the true spirits that keep on giving day in day out, year after year.

I love you mama
(even if you did make me sit on Santa's knee...I don't remember it anyway!)


Blogger lalo said...

Send my love from the South! I owe you the gift!!

17/12/07 9:09 PM  
Blogger Sigsy said...

Oh my God I am laughing out loud! Thank the lord for the Internet!
Love those pics!

19/12/07 2:47 PM  
Anonymous Aimee said...

LOL!! I love this post! Thanks for the giggles, and for posting these adorable photos. Those poor Santas!

22/12/07 1:42 AM  
Blogger sushizume said...

Poor babes...I am not a parent or a Christmas lover/believer so I can't understand the need to put poor lil pets through the pain just to get a photo for a frame but these photos are pretty scary/hilarious.

I got them from a friend via email the subject was "You think your job sucks"

22/12/07 2:17 PM  

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