Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ooh The Bass Has Got Me Moving

Photo by Dindrigo

I was just over at Sigsy in Tokyo, poking around like I am known to do and noticed she was on an iTunes discovery adventure. Sigsy was calling out for tune suggestions. Thinking up a few of my own was a lot of fun and now I am hooked.

Now I need your help! I put together mixes for my HOOPLOVERS classes with tracklist titles like Hoop Jam, Hoop Beat, Hoop Groove. It is always a lot of fun but I often get the feeling there are wild and wonderful tracks that I am missing out on. I usually type in keywords like dance or electro and hope for the best. I listen to a lot of internet radio and when I hear a track that I love or I think would get hoops grooving I scrawl it down and search for it later.

I am open to new tunes and new vibes that don't necessarily have to be in the dance or electro genre. I would love to know what tracks get you grooving, stretching, moving or chilling? Your top 5 please!

Here are a few on my current play list.
Tomorrow Can Wait - David Guetta (Actually any thing David Guetta creates gives me shivers)
The Beat is Rockin' - Bodyrox (Also in love with all of their tracks)
My Life - Chanel
Moonlight Party - Fonzerelli
From Paris to Berlin - Infernal

Now it is your turn... I would love to hear your Top 5/10/100 please! Write em in the comments and I will start the iTunes hunt...might call it the hooping bloggers mix ??

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