Saturday, December 22, 2007

She Did it Again

(Indie Kylie in red changed my life (well my wardrobe atleast) and rocked my world!)

My gorgeous sister just sent me the new Kylie album, X. I guess she thought Kylie would keep me company here in Tokyo this winter while she was whooping it up ski bunny style on the French Alps. She was right!

The 10th album from Kylie, it almost makes me cry every time I listen (and I have been listening to it on repeat!) Kylie always was an intense role model for me but what makes these tunes so powerful and full of life giving energy is that Kylie is no longer a sassy little girl flaunting her hips and lips, she is a courageous woman who has over come breast cancer, she is a powerful, sexy woman who follows her dreams and lives them. There is no better role model.

Every song on this album could easily be a hit, in my humble teeny bopper opinion, but the first 4 (2 Hearts, Like a Drug, In My Arms, Speakerphone) are definitely going to get crazy amounts of radio play. I am sad that I am not in Australia or UK to celebrate Kylie's super success fully and be gloriously bombarded with her images everywhere I go. So I will do it from a far!

Kylie and Japan trivia

- X was released in Japan before any other country in the world. Japan's release date was Nov 21 while Australia and UK dates were November 24 and 26 respectively.

- The last thing Kylie says on her song Nu-di-ty is douitashimashite (meaning you are welcome in Japanese) followed by the Kylie giggle.

To celebrate the release Kylie performed a one off show called The Kylie Show. I may have lost my water had I been there to witness this...

Getting all choked up.... wwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Blogger Sigsy said...

That is a sublime coincidence.

I have a Blog entry saved on draft to honor all the inspirational presences in my life. And Kylie is on there. Obviously. Flying the flag for the over 30s along with Madonna. And scores of other fantastic visions of strength power and beauty.

I love being a girl.

23/12/07 12:29 AM  

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