Friday, December 07, 2007

Humble Giants

Today in the Washington Post

"While Americans blog to stand out, the Japanese do it to fit in, blogging about small stuff: cats and flowers, bicycles and breakfast, gadgets and TV stars. Compared with Americans, they write at less length, they write anonymously, and they write a whole lot more often."

Read the article here

On the way home from the station I asked a simple question, "Why do you think Japanese are less aggressive than many Westerners?" The answer I got, "Because we don't want to hurt people, we respect them."

Sweeping generalizations, a dish best served warm.

When monsters attack...


Blogger SabineM said...

well said! I am with you about the Respect!
I just spent 8 days in Japan. My first time EVER! And I couldn't agree more. I could live in Japan. I loved so much about it!
Anyhow, I am in a hurry or I would write more! Great country. You are lucky!

12/12/07 7:47 AM  

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