Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Design Festa - Your Questions Answered

Design Festa Vol. 26 is being held this Saturday (Nov 17) and Sunday (Nov 18) and we have been getting a few questions, so we answering them all right here, right now!

When is Design Festa?

Vol. 26 is this weekend, November 17 and 18. The event space will open at 11am and close at 7pm on both days.

What is your booth number?

will have a two mat booth at space C0066. We have been designing and building, sprucing and decorating all week so please come and celebrate with us! At least stop in and say hi!

What is Design Festa?

Design Festa is an International art event. It is the largest art event in Asia. This year there is forecast to be about 6500 exhibitors and a whopping 52 000 spectators.

Basically, if you are a first timer to the event you can expect aisle after aisle of booths built and decorated by artists, designers, creators, makers, painters, drawers, dancers, singers, djs, crafters, activists and lovers of life. You can also expect 51 999 other buyers, lookers, scouts, photographers, drifters, artists, shoppers, friends, family and lovers of life to be filing through the aisles in search of treasures in many forms.

Aside from the booths filled with color and creation there is also an outdoor space for the musicians and their fans, a large catwalk and stage, a performance art space, film space, short shorts showing and a large food and bev area.

Where is it?

Design Festa
is held at the Toyko Big Site. A spaceship like structure that is better known as an International exhibition center.

How do I get there?

Well that all depends on where you are coming from but it is usually a pretty relaxing train ride.

The closest station to the Tokyo Big Site is Kokusai-tenjijo Station. It is about 25 minutes from Shinjuku or Tokyo station, an hour from Narita airport and about 50 minutes from Yokohama.

You can jump on the Saikyo or Yamanote at Shinjuku station head to Osaki station (160 yen) and change to the Rinkai line to Kokusaitenjijo (320 yen) and be there in less than half an hour.

I find the easiest way to check all the times and routes is through the Jorudan website.

Check here for more access info.

Here are some extra special tips we thought might make your day(s) easier...

- If you are catching the train, buy your return ticket when you get to the station. You will thank us for this tip when you bypass the mass of people lining up for tickets to get home. You can breeze straight through the ticket gates, because you were a smarty pants and got yours early.

- There are coin lockers outside of the display area.

- It is a little walk from the station and being near the water it can get quite cold and windy (I know, I know I sound like my mum but this is important comfort factor info). Once inside the event space it almost becomes too warm. Consider locking up your jacket and any extra baggage (emotional or otherwise) it is way too stimulating and often crowded to carry any extras. Plus you need all hands free to fondle the goods and plenty of bag space for all of your purchases.

- There are plenty of bathrooms both in and outside of the event space.

- Design Festa provide a plastic (ugh) bag and event guide upon entry, while we are trying to keep our Earth gorgeous and green both of these things will probably come in handy but might we suggest that you bring your own cloth bag from home for all of your collections. You do collect A LOT of flyers, paper, stickers, business cards and the like, not telling you what to do, but please try to take only what you think you will need and truly use. Carbon neutrality is sexy!!

- There is a Tully's and conbini just before you enter the Tokyo Big Site through the main entrance on the Kokusaijijo station side, should you need to refuel after your train journey. The convenience store also has an ATM.

- If you are thinking of staying late and having dinner with friends in the area be aware that many of the restaurants close to Tokyo Big Site close quite early. There are a few small cafes and a Saizeria (that is usually packed with starving exhibitors filling up on the drink bar and 299 yen carafes of house wine). Odaiba is not far away, a 10 or so minute walk beyond the Fuji Television building and you will find yourself at the Odaiba DECKS and Aqua City. Here is a restaurant guide for the Tokyo Big Site area, if you are still unsure.

- Design Festa is BIG and if you are hoping to take in as many booths and performances as you can you are best to start early. Take water and a small snack to keep you going. You could easily walk up and done each aisle systematically for a solid 9 hours and not see everything.

Above all, Design Festa is a place where you are sure to find a new treasure, meet a new friend and be greatly inspired to do that thing that you 'have been meaning to do'.

See you there!


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