Saturday, April 22, 2006

reason no. 963 why living in Tokyo is bliss (at times)

At precisely 1:38 am this morning, as I wandered along a comparatively quiet Meiji Dori, in an effort to save myself $40 in cab fare, the chill in the air overcame me. I was forced to seek a place to relieve myself of the remaining chu hi in my catchment area left there from the previous 2 hour karaoke session.
When I had almost lost all hope of keeping things contained, I spotted a little public toilet block in the distance. Making a mad dash, I hesitated as I got to the brick building, not because it appeared dangerous or dirty, I hesitated simply because there is no other country in the world were I would feel safe enough to enter a public toilet block on a quiet street; day or night.

I also spotted this delightful and larger than life shop front on my stroll home through Harajuku.


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