Sunday, March 05, 2006

whale sushi

whale sushi tokyo japan
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Where I am from this causes anger...where I am at this causes one to salivate
I have never tried whale meat, and I never intend to, it looks alot like what I guess horse meat looks like
As the whale meat did the rounds on the conveyer belt I felt oddly nervous, like Greenpeace was outside preparing to raid the joint ,busting in at any moment accusing us all of bloody slaughter. Of course I would be jailed for many years after a long trial in which I would have to explain why I was caught in an establishment that was supporting atrocities against mammals, particularly as a whale loving aussie this is definitely seen as a criminal act.
As I glanced around at the rest of the feeders in the tiny Shinjuku sushi stop, I got the distinct feeling that they were feeling none of my nervousness. Whale, pig, swordfish, lamb...


Anonymous MARIO^^ said...

HEEE! i'm Mario another time, you are a type of Cool Hunter??

7/3/06 12:49 AM  

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