Saturday, October 07, 2006

instant messaging the dalai

as our industry has switched rapidly into an online one we are spending every ounce of our time online - with two macs in our tiny tokyo apartment we are working on it double time
the internet is bursting at the seems with a combination of greatness, creative explosions and a whole lot of really down right unusual stuff!
if you haven't got a myspace page yet you can start to consider yourself well outside of the cyberloop (the 18-22 year old cyberloop that is) but it's not all for the young and virile with bad cell phone camera shots. myspace is a space for everyone - our current myspace friends include world famous djs, street artists, global activists, cartoon characters, record labels, transgender glamour pusses and even some real life friends.
with not too much effort you can find some pretty interesting characters in the 120 million strong myspace community.
today's favorite find is the DALAI LAMA...yep if you don't beleive me that the Dalai has his own space then go check for yourself HERE. swimming in this cyberworld we have become pretty much desensitized to EVERYTHING but the Dalai's friends list is blowing my mind.

Please note > EARTH was "online"
even dead people live on myspace - Bruce Lee and John Lennon also dwell in the Dalai's friend space
we are not one of the Dalai's friends (YET) but you can check out our spaces HERE and HERE


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