Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hoop Thoughts

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Aside from TOKYOMADE, Dr. Sketchy's Tokyo, hanging out with our awesome friends, making our new apartment gorgeous, where to go for a break in December and a million other things, recently much of our time and thoughts are consumed, in a healthy way, by Hoop Dance.

Our daily practice ranges from 40mins to an hour and a half and each session we are learning new ways to move and make motion. It is so great that we can do it together, as with anything in life it is always wonderful to have someone to encourage you and challenge you.

To track our progress and the steps we take to becoming qualified hoop teachers here in Tokyo Japan, fluid dancers and hoop wranglers we have started a new blog called Tokyo Hoop Stars. This will be a space for us to record our thoughts, changes and challenges. We also hope to connect with other hoopers in Japan and internationally via the blog. Masao will write his posts in Japanese and mine will be in English, so it is a bilingual, international hooptastic place to hang out. Even if you are not into hoop dancing we would love to hear your thoughts or questions about hoop dance. There will also be plenty of hoopy ideas and videos over there to inspire and amaze.

If you are a hoop dance or like to dabble in a bit of spiral action we would really love to hear stories of your hoop adventures!

Tokyo Hoop Stars is a far more personal blog about our journey to hoop stardom ;)


Blogger Sigsy said...

Wow she rocks. I love her vintage outfit as well. Like a hooping cowgirl. No effort.

You guys must be in incredible shape doing this every day.

5/9/07 11:41 PM  
Blogger sushizume said...

Oh yeah buns o steel baby!!

I have lost a bit of weight but not sure how much because I never weigh myself...

It is just pure fun! When you gonna come hoop it up with us Sigsy?

6/9/07 8:43 AM  
Blogger Sigsy said...

mmm hooping. I'm thinking about exercise because my sedentary summer means I have a rubber ring around my middle. And I'm trying to find my exercise mojo.

What will it be...?

7/9/07 11:37 PM  
Blogger sushizume said...

Sigsy I without shame hate all forms of exercise, as a general rule. I would love to love them I just don't. But hooping is not exercise it is ART!

It is stylin' and sexy and best of all it sheds the pounds like your own personal liposucker. I have been doing it for about a month pretty religiously (and totally NOT to drop weight but seriously because as soon as i saw someone hooping on youtube i knew i had to master it. it just looks COOL!) i measured my arms yesterday and they alone have reduced in size by 5cm - i was a little shocked! PLUS my skin is getting 70% more radiant (stole that one from the dove/oil of olay ad), my tummy is more toned, my legs are stronger and my back is way more flexible! (Man I sound like a used hoop salesman!)

SO anytime you wanna come along to a class and sweat like a hound but look as sleek as a panther you get in touch - every Sunday we hoop it up usually in the Shinjuku/Yotsuya area. Classes fill up VERY quick you can email our teachers Justin and Mario directly

8/9/07 12:40 AM  

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