Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mixing and Relaxing

A stunning, no simply stunning weekend of pure nothingness...hooping, juicing, eating, laughing, relaxing, blogging and all that jazz! ahhhhhhhh

Took some pics while in Harajuku and at the park in Kichijoji
Harajuku - Daily Outfit
Hanjiro remade vest
Hanae Mori scarf made into an obi belt
Black high waist Uni Qlo jeans
Leopard print high top converse
Swarovski covered Casio
Betsey Johnson leopard print bag
Look into my eyes

Hoopstar Deanne - Daily Outfit
E hyphen cropped black knit
Pink and purple tank recycled from Kinji, Harajuku
Black 3/4 tights from my Mum
Pink and blue hoop from Hoop Store Tokyo
Pink star headphones from Village Vanguard
Rock Bunny pink socks from one of the ten zillion sock shops in Tokyo
Leopard print Converse
Black sari bracelets.
Masao and Deanne Kichijoji


Blogger lalo said...

Hi! i just arrived to this site by error, but it´s a very good error i commited! Ha!
i´m from argentina and right now i´ll save this blog just to read at home with some calm,because it appears to be a good one!
I practice iaido and taiko too, and so you are a window to that exiting place whom is japan.
see you soon!

27/9/07 3:04 AM  
Blogger Aimee "Roo" said...

Fun photos! It looks like a great weekend. I am so in love with your headphones and would totally copy you and buy a pair if I could. :)

Your hoop is cool too! And, it's finally colder here and I am able to wear the fun socks that I got from your website. So happy!!!

27/9/07 12:52 PM  
Anonymous MC said...

Ah, I love Betsey Johnson! Cute bag! Great photos too, they have a vintage quality to them!

3/10/07 11:16 PM  
Blogger SabineM said...

Fab photos and the clothes are great~!

4/10/07 7:20 AM  
Anonymous Gem said...

i'm loving your hair! and those headphones are funky :)

8/10/07 6:12 PM  
Blogger sushizume said...

Welcome lalo!!!

Aimee rooooooooo it was super fun taking them - great memories!

mc Betsey is the bomb! (Is it still or was it ever cool to use that phrase? I am so out of the loop in terms of English coolness!)

Thanks so much Sabinem

Thanks gem very sweet of you!! The headphones are from a very cool "junk" shop in tokyo called Village Vanguard which also happen to have a burger joint that make us a mean avocado burger! The hair is by ME!

8/10/07 6:28 PM  

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