Monday, April 28, 2008

Sweating Glitter - Dr Sketchy's Tokyo April

The field was prepared, the team was pumped and there was much anticipation leading up to the April Dr Sketchy's Tokyo event. There was also a fair amount of smutty jokes and saucy comments being splashed around as we had been given just a very small dose of the champion that was to grace the sketchy's stage at the Pink Cow.

Leila, Dr Sketchy's Tokyo MC and all round laugh generator, had given us all the heads up on the act that we were all in store for. The theme was Sketchy Olympics, a tribute to the original event, rumors and photo evidence told us that we would be sketching a true God.

Justin Berti, or as I like to think of him The guy from Sex and the City, clearly had the body of a God but add to that the heart of an angel and the ability to entertain the crowd like a true star, a powerful combination.

From Olympic athlete to Gladiator, then Greek God to a man savaged by the wild tigress and left to die with no clothes on (!) The performance from beginning to end was a feast for the eyes and an entertaining series of poses well worth staying for.

Be sure to check out the next Dr Sketchy's Tokyo event at The Pink Cow on the 4th Wednesday of May. After Justin's mighty performance I know quite a few new faces will be returning mixed with the gorgeous regulars Dr Sketchy's Tokyo is becoming quite the monthly event.

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Blogger leila marie said...

Your pics look fab! This is a message to all other hotties who wanna be Sketchy models. Just give us a shout over at
We wanna keep the summer sizziling!

28/4/08 5:38 PM  
Blogger sushizume said...

Thanks L - I think I can find you some hotties!

30/4/08 10:45 AM  

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