Thursday, April 24, 2008

Photos by Sasa

We were lucky to have many talented and stylish people come and hang with us at Velours on Saturday night. Sasa of lo-fi-me fame was one of the super sleek style masters that graced the dance floor with his presence. He also took some shots of my hooping and I think you will agree they are a colorful representation of his creative talents.

More pics here.

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Blogger Mrs James Brown said...

looking incredible, Deanne!
sending love and more colourful lights.

we are just about to move into a beautiful studio here in lonnie just down from our house: lots of creative output and dream-come-true-ing (as you do, and YOU do!).

kiss that incredible young man who you reside with ... (he's etched in my memory is the most unique way).



24/4/08 10:54 PM  
Blogger Mrs James Brown said...

i was just thinking last night that i forgot to tell you that you are an inspiration: so thanks for bouncing the thought back at me.

thanking you for the beautiful comment at LF.


25/4/08 11:10 AM  

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