Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pinky & Killer DX

Ever wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of love hotels or VIP rooms in Tokyo's underground clubs? Photographer Hal has done the "dirty" work and got you the keys and VIP passes.

Pinky & Killer DX is a photographic expose into the private, party lives of Japanese couples showing their wild side at love hotels and clubs all over Tokyo. Lewd, shrewd and often nude, the antics of couples in Tokyo getting a little bit naughty has been captured in a holographic bound, compact book. What more could your voyeuristic intentions desire?

Photographer Hal's obsession with capturing behind the bedroom door shots of some of Tokyo's raunchiest couples has lead to the creation of a must have glossy photographic album of sweaty, lust induced ecstasy. Essential peeping for all coffee tables, waiting rooms and night stands. A jaw dropping collection of real life couples living out their fantasies in Tokyo.

Shot with 6 x 7 film. All photos were taken in Tokyo, Japan. 134 color photos.
15cm x 20cm

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Blogger Jo said...

oo, it looks very interesting, but i'm not sure whether the guy in the little-boy pants, or the guy in the long blue wig disconcert me more!

actually, i think it must be the guy in the little-boy pants!

17/4/08 8:30 AM  

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