Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dr Sketchy's Tokyo Birthday Bash

A message from Leila Chan

It's our BIRTHDAY and everyone is invited! Dr. Sketchy's Tokyo has teamed up with chief&mischief and TokyoMade for Volume 2 of the infamous STITCH fashion party. Of course no Sketchy party is complete without stunning models and hypnotic beats and this birthday bash will feature a bevy of hot models to sink your sketchpads into. Not to mention Tokyo's premiere HoopStar Sushizume who will be sashaying her electro hoop in true raver fashion.

Where: Velours (Aoyama/Ometesando)

When: April 19 From 9pm-4am

¥¥¥ = Men (¥2500 w/flyer ¥2000)

Women (¥2000 w/flyer ¥1500 +1 drink)

Mail Discount: ¥1500 +1 drink (be sure to RSVP on the Dr. Sketchy site include "birthday RSVP" in subject. Deadline Noon April 19th)

Sketchy Wishes,


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Blogger bunnyhoopstar said...

sushizume is it? i do love that name!

11/4/08 3:26 PM  
Blogger sushizume said...

NO I still don't have THE name!
Maybe the group will be Tokyo Hoop Stars because that was the original name of the hooping blog I started way back but as for MY name ?????

11/4/08 3:38 PM  
Blogger bunnyhoopstar said...

D-D-King and the Froop Stars!

11/4/08 10:43 PM  

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