Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Costume Shopping in Tokyo

With the Earth Day Hoop Matsuri less than a week away I am sure you are thinking about the ideal colorful costume to don! To help out I thought I would pass on some of my costume shopping tips in Tokyo.

For wigs, the flashiest, junkiest jewelery, colorful socks, rainbow belts and plenty of fake gold you cannot go past the 390 yen shop! Also know as Thank You Mart apparently these babies are all over the place but they are easiest to find in Harajuku. A stroll down Takeshita Dori will let you stumble upon THREE of them. They all stock basically the same but the one just around the corner from Takeshita Street on Meiji Street next to the stinky kebab shop on the same side of the road as ABC Mart is nice and roomy.

Of course the 100 yen stores are always filled with trashy bargains. The Daiso chain is my fav and now has this English website - how very cool. The 5 story mecca also on Takeshita Street is the bargain hunters dream. Everything 100 yen and from memory they have some great tinsel wigs!

Tokyu Hands
has the wildest array of costumes all in one hot spot. the prices are not as thrifty but some people would pay anything for a Billy Blanks costume or a full samurai outfit.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday in your finest and most colorful!

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Blogger cheryll said...

Good luck with the event! The costumes remind me a lot of the Love Parade / Love Fest that happens around the world every year. Looks like it's going to be fun!

15/4/08 2:11 PM  
Blogger Jo said...

i've wanted a pink wig for AGES - to match my pink converse, pink iPod, pink camera, pink scarf, pink t-shirt......

i resisted a few months ago when i saw a very cute one - for about 3,000 yen!

16/4/08 12:04 AM  

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