Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm Moving On Up

I'm moving on up
You're moving on out
Time to break free
Nothing can stop me, yeah.

I believe it was the M-people who sang those very do I remember that?
Actually I didn't, google helped me out a lot.

Anyway, sushizume's time with blogger is done!
Come check out our new pad over at

It is clean, it's fresh and I have got a lot of stories to tell ya. So fix up your links, change them to, just delete the blogspot and you are done!

I'll chop up some watermelon for you, sit back, feet up and wait for your arrival! mwah mwah


Friday, July 18, 2008

Sushi Change

Image by ciah-ciah
Some unusual happenings around the sushi zume household have prompted an out with the old and in with the new wave. SO WE ARE MOVING! Today I said bye bye to blogger (even though technically I am still here if you are reading this) and Hello Word Press, I am just about to buy the sushizume domain, get everything sorted and we will have a new home in no time over at Soon my lovelies, soon!

One of the weirdest things has happened to me this week. I have back pain. Hoop stopping, tear jerking, nerve niggling back pain. Uh huh, not something I have ever really dealt with before and usually not something I would write about but...I am just gonna say - it is fucking annoying!

Two days of gritting my teeth and lying around feeling sorry for myself has sent me searching for the cause and the cure. I am not sure what happened exactly. I have been practicing a lot of foot hooping lately, lying on my back with legs extended in the air but I don't think it truly the cause.

I have a little bible that i whip out whenever I have so much as a spot or a sore bit it is titled You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay. You see I am a big believer in all physical afflictions and illnesses being a direct result of our internal states and emotions. In the back of this book are many pages divided into three columns. The first is the problem, second is the probable cause and the third is the new thought pattern. The reason why I have adored this book for so many years is because it is always, without a doubt on the money.

Two recent examples. On Wednesday night I was literally eaten alive by bugs in the park. The itching was unbearable, the rash hideous and the feeling bizarre. I found my trusty book, scanned down the page until I got to bug bites and low and behold it said the probably cause was Guilt over small things which of course could be interpreted in so many ways but as it turns out I had been grappling a bit with a few small things that I may have been feeling a wee bit guilty about. My new thought patter I am free of all irritations. All is well soon had me breathing easy and scratching less. Onto the back pain thing. I always know that backs are the pillars of support, the strength of life. So when backs are out of line or just not feeling their best it stands to reason that we are feeling unsupported in some way, internally or externally, we are worrying about our strength to accomplish things. Couldn't be more true for me right now. I am really, very much enjoying the choices I have made and the freedom that comes with that but am going through the transition from external support to self supporting. When I looked up sciatica in THE BOOK I found knowingly that the probably cause of my pain is Fear of money and of the future. My new thought patterns have not really kicked in, although I plan to lay down the law with many rounds of EFT tonight. I move into my greater good. My good is everywhere, and I am secure and safe.

On the off chance that that doesn't do the trick I am off to have my first taste on acupuncture in the morning. We had noticed many times walking from the station a sign saying English Available, always a draw card for me no matter what they are offering. I remembered that Masao had told me they do 'the needle thing' so after much tossing and turning last night and a great deal of pain today I decided to give them a call. The place is called Shinshin Kenkodo Medical Center. I steer clear of any kind of doctors office or pharmacy but luckily these guys offer only holistic therapy. So I am off to get some shiatsu and acupuncture in the morning. The great thing is the center is just a few minutes walk from our apartment in Nishi-Ogikubo and the therapist speaks English. I am really looking forward to it, not just because it may help with the pain.

I am not sure what to expect so would love to hear if you have ever had this kind of therapy before. Wish me luck!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ooh The Bass Has Got Me Moving

Photo by Dindrigo

I was just over at Sigsy in Tokyo, poking around like I am known to do and noticed she was on an iTunes discovery adventure. Sigsy was calling out for tune suggestions. Thinking up a few of my own was a lot of fun and now I am hooked.

Now I need your help! I put together mixes for my HOOPLOVERS classes with tracklist titles like Hoop Jam, Hoop Beat, Hoop Groove. It is always a lot of fun but I often get the feeling there are wild and wonderful tracks that I am missing out on. I usually type in keywords like dance or electro and hope for the best. I listen to a lot of internet radio and when I hear a track that I love or I think would get hoops grooving I scrawl it down and search for it later.

I am open to new tunes and new vibes that don't necessarily have to be in the dance or electro genre. I would love to know what tracks get you grooving, stretching, moving or chilling? Your top 5 please!

Here are a few on my current play list.
Tomorrow Can Wait - David Guetta (Actually any thing David Guetta creates gives me shivers)
The Beat is Rockin' - Bodyrox (Also in love with all of their tracks)
My Life - Chanel
Moonlight Party - Fonzerelli
From Paris to Berlin - Infernal

Now it is your turn... I would love to hear your Top 5/10/100 please! Write em in the comments and I will start the iTunes hunt...might call it the hooping bloggers mix ??

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Saturday, July 12, 2008


I have a big plan, a big dream and I need your help! So I am putting this out there to you and the Universe in the hopes that together we can make this happen.

Photo by LMNz

Dear Joy Giver, and numerous local hoopers will be hosting Tokyo's World Hoop Day international celebration on August 8, 2008, in Yoyogi Park from 5pm onwards. A Sunset Hoop Matsuri.

The purpose of this event is to spread Peace, Joy & FREE Hoops to at risk youth. We are asking our friends for donations to assist us in making this happen. Our goal is to raise at least 300 000 yen to purchase 100 hulahoops that we will give to Second Harvest Japan who will then give the Hula Hoops to children in orphanages throughout Japan.

These children and many others can benefit greatly from owning a hoop. In addition to having fun, hooping is an expressive art that fuels creativity and left and right brain activity.

Our goal is to give away over 100 hoops to our participating underprivileged kids, and share the benefit of exercise and creative dance with a hoop.

Our event will take place in conjunction with World Hoop Day activities that will be happening around the globe on 8-8-08. For more information visit We will also provide free use of hoops at the Yoyogi Park Sunset Hoop Matsuri.

With your generosity we can accomplish this gift for the less fortunate children of Japan. Thank you in advance for any contribution you can make, regardless of the amount. For more information please contact Deanne at Thanks for your time.

Deanne Tonking


Biz Nites

As if we didn't already have enough fun stuff going on in our lives. We are going to be the door bitches at Monday night's Biz Nites event held at Tableaux in Daikanyama.

Here is the deal. Looks like a fabulously talented line up at a swish new location. Looking forward to seeing you there!

BiZ NITE, French Flavor at Daikanyama Tableaux. July 14th, 2008. 6 pm - late.

What is BiZ NITE?

Tokyo's fastest growing networking event for creative business people. It's a monthly event which features presentations, showcases, exhibitions, discussion panels, product launches and more from the creative industries in Tokyo. Each sphere of interest in the A-Z of creative industries has a Biz NITE nickname, for example photo biz, ad biz, art biz, DJ biz, design biz, eco biz, NPO biz, fashion biz, movie biz, music biz, net biz, sport biz, success biz, VJ biz, wellness biz. Every month the crowds get a little bigger, and more and more people are making it a regular feature on their monthly event calendar to meet with old friends, meet new ones and see a little of what's going in around the city.

When & Where is this monthly event held?

Biz Nites are held monthly at Daikanyama Tableaux on 7/14, 8/18, 9/8, and venue TBD on 10/20, 11/17, 12/15.

When is the next Biz NITE?

Monday 14 July at Daikanyama/Ebisu Tableaux, 18:00-23:00, with a ‘French Flavor’ to celebrate Bastille Day together.
The venue has a beautiful patio, great food and reasonably priced drinks. In addition to our regular content,
BiZ NITE will host presentations about contemporary French fashion and culture, and about French creative business people's activities in Japan.
We expect around 300 people to attend community presentations and get-togethers in three spaces throughout the venue.

How much?

Entry: Advance: 1000 yen / Door 1500 yen, (Please buy at least one drink) (To qualify for advance, please sign up as a member at

The first 50 people at Biz Nite receive a Skype headset & calling card.

Who is presenting this month?

7/14 (Mon) ‘French Flavor’ BiZ NITE CONTENTS

18:00-22:30 Presentations & Discussions in Three Spaces:

Ad Biz: info soon

Art Biz:

1) “Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School: an introduction to the divinely seedy underbelly of live sketching ala Burlesque style” with MC LadyElle []
(Plus: 5 minute burlesque dance performance by burlesque dancer Cherry Typhoon of the Murasaki Baby Dolls at 10 pm)

2) "ICON 5: The NY Illustration Conference: A review, and an Introduction to the works of Andrea Innocent and Beck Wheeler",
a review presentation and slideshow by well-known Australian artists/illustrators/animators
Andrea Innocent ( and Beck Wheeler (

3) “Creative platforms to bring different art forms and audiences under the same umbrella” with 4th Skin Arts Network

Design Biz:

“WorkVitamins: Why creativity in the office just works” - Martin van der Linden (,

Eco Biz: info soon

Fashion Biz:

Fashion Biz: “ID SHAPE: new solution for luxury packaging anti-counterfeiting from France” – Lucas Nanini (
Lucas Nanini

Movie Biz:

“Surfing DVD Release- Japan’s legendary surfers of the ‘70s enjoy a 2007 reunion in Micronesia” – Michio Degawa (

Music Biz:

1) “Panel Discussion: Anime, Games and Urahara Fashion - How can Japanese Pop Culture Drive
Japanese Music Sales at Home and Overseas?" - Moderator & presenter: Nathan Reaven (

2) “The New French Music Scene – Preview of French Summer Festival Artists”- Sylvain Delange
(Bureau Export de la Musique Francaise a Tokyo,

Net Biz:

1) “New Contents Delivery and Gallery System”- Tan Tan ( )

2) info soon

New in Japan Biz:

“Revolutionary New Instrument – Tenori-on” – K. Sugii (YAMAHA,

Performance BIz:

Performance Biz: “The making of ‘Tunnelvision’ DVD - Choreographed Performance Art in one of the biggest underground locations in the world,
Gaikaku Housuiro, broadcast on NHK” Monique van kerkhof (

Photo Biz:

“Unknown France: A tour of the cheese and wine farms of rural France” by photographer, writer and editor, Miki Toyoda.

Sports Biz:

1) “Update on Hakuba MTB Jamboree 8/16-17” (

2) “Reporting about Muay Thai Fight Events” – Chisa Yamane (

VJ Biz: info soon

Wellness Biz:

’Awaken to New Dimensions’ - Introduction to insightful transformation techniques to tap into your inner balance
and potential through Art of Living“ with Marianne White & Keerthana Mariappan (

22:00-23:30 LOUNGE DJs: James Carstensen (Tokyo Electro – Special French Music Mix), DJ Tawara (ultralounge)

See more information in Japanese and English at and forum

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hooping Up High

I recently did an interactive performance at the Mado Lounge in Roppongi hills for Guy Perryman's Sky High Party. The party peeps got into the hoop groove and Isaac Shultz of Brilliant World Tokyo was there to capture some of the light show, laughs and hooping hips.

Love the footage he took, at one point it looks like my LED hoop is swirling around one of the Tokyo skyscrapers.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Shake It Off

This brings streaming tears of pure hoop joy to my eyes and heart!
Just to be in the presence of such a beautifully graceful woman such as Ann at Hoop Camp later this year is going to bring me to my knees with awe struck gratitude.
I feel like I might possibly be the luckiest woman alive to be given such endless opportunities to fulfill my dreams!

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fragment by Brilliant World Tokyo

Brilliant World Tokyo founder and artist Isaac has put together some seriously funky images and tunes from last weeks TOKYOMADE Fragment event in Shimokitazawa.

Check these out to see some of the designers, happenings and friendly faces in the underground basement bar, WEDGE. Spy on Isaac, Eshimasa and Sasha as they create art LIVE.

Fragment Independent Art


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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hoop Change

They say that a change is as good as a holiday. Seems life is one long holiday for me. Who would have thought that a plastic circle could have such an impact on every element of life?


Let's start with the physical changes. I hear varying reports about the number of calories that hooping burns per hour and it is not something that I am really too concerned about. What I can say is that hooping has rapidly and drastically changed the shape, feel and strength of my body. As fat has been dissolved muscle definition has been enhanced, this does wonders for self confidence. Clothes that I probably would not have felt comfortable wearing a few months ago are now so loose I cannot wear them. The great thing is though I am not skinny by any means, I have a lot of meat on my bones it is just that that meat has become more defined and solid. I have to be pleased with that. All thanks to the hoop.

Hoop Dance performances require me to steer away from the jeans and t-shirt look I was used to, to a tighter, shorter version of everything. I have had the standard body conscious moments in the past, not feeling entirely comfortable with what was going on but I can say that much of those concerns have been spun off. There is something about wearing fishnets and metallic hot pants in public, not something I would have ever done in the past, that causes a fight or flight mechanism to kick in. You either rock it or stash it away in the cupboard. Hooping has helped me to rock it.

The spiritual benefits of being a hooper. Whether we want to believe it or not the fact is that life is a reflection of what you put out there. I can offer up a million and one examples of situations that have occurred due to the manifestation of thoughts and positive actions. Since having hoops swirling around in my life, everything about my existence has evolved so positively fast. On a daily basis I am flooded with love and support by friends, family and strangers. What I am giving out is pouring back into my life ten fold. I am often overwhelmed at how easily my every thought and dream becomes a reality. While I know I have so many people to thank for that, I also know I have to give props daily to the hoops and my dedication to sharing the joy they create.


The emotional side effects of hooping should be obvious. You cannot be unhappy inside a hoop. Some of my friends have questioned my passion in the past, misunderstood it. Once they get their hips moving and that hoop grooving they are hooked just like me. To watch the hoop love spread throughout my growing circle of amazing friends is life giving.

The hoop has touched my family in fun filled ways too. I have a very creative sister who has her head in spin about what color and pattern to make her next hoop. While I secretly wish that she could come to Tokyo for a hoop up, I know that she will enjoy her time in the London hoop circle. I think we could put on one very fabulous family hoop tour, Mum has her very own hoop too!


Hooping continues to challenge and change me daily. I hungrily seek more, give more and in return am rewarded so very much more.

p.s. All photos in this post were taken by Masao at last night's Sky High party in The Mado Lounge hosted by the fabulous Guy Perryman. More photos of the fun filled night here.

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Honey Bunny - New TOKYOMADE Sweetness

As kawaii as their accessories and sweet as their brand name suggests, Japanese creators Honey Bunny are filling the lives of Tokyo kids with delectable pieces from a yummy utopian world of sweet fashion.
Fairytale like creators Hansel and GR, as they like to be called, started whipping up batches of goodness about 2 years ago when they saw a shortage of sweet treats to wear and share. Since then the sweet accessory look has boomed in Japan and Honey Bunny has been here to bake the goodies and keep the kids sugar filled.
Naturally Honey Bunny creators spend their days munching on cookies and sweets in cafes flipping through confectionery magazines for delicious inspiration.
Honey Bunny is a brand for girls who love to dress up with kawaii, pop, fairy tale and sweetie styles.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Hoop Power

Speechless but thanks to super shot taker Masao we are full of rad pics from last night at the Warehouse!

Feast your eyes on these babies

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

DJ Cat's Pussy Party

Feline temptresses will be on the prowl tonight at The Warehouse in Azabu Juban. Don your cat-like prowess, slip on something slinky, elevate your mysterious factor with a kitty cat mask and saunter down the steps of the Warehouse and onto the dance floor!

Lindsey, Leila and I will be putting on our very best, wildcat performance at Midnight. I will also rock the hoops in true Hoop Lover style in an earlier show high up above the crowd of leopards.

New York City's DJ CAT brings her famous traveling party to Tokyo for one incredible night!

Performances by HOOPLOVERS and other special treats.

Photos: Tommy Hawk
VJ: David Roy
Giveaways from chief&mischief.

ニューヨークを基点に様々なパーティので活躍しているDJ CATが初東京に上陸。セクシー、グラマラスな一夜を存分に楽しんでください。

Brandon (NYC, chief&mischief/TokyoElectro)
James (AUS, TokyoElectro/Jade Music)
yUk1 (JP,
DJ Miki (Party Monster/Ms. Rock Spirit)

DOOR \ ¥2500 +1drink 
W/F \ ¥2000 +1drink     
ADV \ ¥1500 +1drink           
OTHER[ Ladies with a CAT mask ¥1500 +1drink

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