Monday, June 23, 2008

HOOPLOVERS on Tokyo Espresso

Designed by Oshima of BROS WEAR DESIGNS

Tokyo Espresso is a 30 minute breakfast radio show hosted by Guy Perryman. The sleek and up to date, listen on demand program is known as The Hot Shot of Tokyo and a tuned in way to keep you in the know about all things happening in this wild and wonderful city, Tokyo.

I met with long time Tokyo dweller and radio superstar, Guy Perryman, yesterday and we got to talking about all things hoopy. As a result I will be featured on his radio program every day this week chatting about my love of the hoop and my passion to share the joy with you all.

Check out Guy's site and have a listen to Tokyo Espresso, a shot of all things cool and happening in Tokyo.

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Blogger queengilda said...

hey how are you doing!!! i've been looking at your blog recently and missing tokyo very much. hopefully i can go back this summer but tickets are costing more than it costs to kill someone. j/k.

i'm so inspired by your hoopiness that i bought a hoop at toys r us today!!! i haven't hooped since i was a little girl.

we should start a hoop thing around the world and organize a hoop fest like those pillow fights!!! let's!!! :)

24/6/08 1:30 PM  
Blogger TokyoMade(東京メイド) said...

Oh please come back!!!! You know Summer in Tokyo IS TOO MUCH FUN!!

Now you know I expect many, many hooped up pics on your blog!

I love you global hoop thang. check out World Hoop Day perhaps we can organize something

24/6/08 2:20 PM  
Blogger queengilda said...

WHOAH!!! *gasp* ok i joined and am definitely going. aieeeeee!!

damn stop saying it's so much fun. i wanna go matsuriiiiiiii!!!!!!!! ARRRRRGH!!!!

26/6/08 5:29 PM  

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