Sunday, June 22, 2008

An Afternoon With Guy Perryman

Photo by Guy Perryman

With the rain teaming down outside, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Tokyo than with radio DJ and Tokyo Espresso creator Guy Perryman. As the rain beat against the windows we got cozy inside the Omotesando Dori cafe, having a long chat about Tokyo, our inspirations and what the future holds for Guy and his supersonic, non-stop stream of listen on demand radio on

On the 4th of July Guy is celebrating the launch of the new Jet Set UK radio program sponsored by Virgin Atlantic Airways with a super chic and fun filled night in the Mado Lounge on the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills, up up and away above the city streets. The party is called Sky High and is set to dazzle and amaze with a range of funky acts and a line up of hot DJs including Guy himself. Trans-Atlantic party up above the Tokyo skyline.

After a chat about some of Guy's hot new projects he sleekly whipped out his voice recorder and got to work interviewing me about HOOPLOVERS and Masao and I about the soon to arrive Fragment event. A true professional, Guy put any nerves we might have had at ease with his positive vibe, soothing style and sparkling charm.

Be sure to listen to Tokyo Espresso all this week for the interview I did chatting to Guy about HOOPLOVERS and on Friday you can hear Masao's gorgeous promotion of Fragment.

More Sky High details...
Yanks v's Brits!! Welcome on-board for a night of Trans-Atlantic mayhem in the Tokyo night sky..
..ooh I'm getting dizzy already..
Yes it's the 4th of July & Guy is celebrating the launch of a new radio program Jet Set UK!! So it's time for a little Hooray For Hollywood & Jolly Hockey Sticks all on the same night up on the 52nd floor at Mado Lounge.
Original live electronic music sets from Fleck & Shane Berry.
Guy will spin a mix of exotic lounge & club music in tribute of Mondo Hollywood & Broadway to the heart of the London Underground.
Plus live shows & entertainment to celebrate Trans-Atlantic showbiz!!

Please note a new door system at Mado Lounge..
Guy Perryman Membership Black Card holders - first 100 to arrive will get in free of charge, all others ¥2,500.
Mado Lounge members ¥3,000.
All others ¥3,500.

Come on up for 1 night as we blow it all skyhigh!!
..we're still trying to work out if we can have fireworks at 52 floors high..

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Blogger Honor said...

Sounds like it's going to be a great eve. I'm going to try and get there if I can. Being a UK Tokyoite kind of makes it a must do event!

Thanks for sharing: )

23/6/08 10:35 PM  
Blogger sushizume said...

Looking forward to seeing you there!

24/6/08 8:47 AM  

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