Monday, March 24, 2008

Thank You, See You

Thank you so much to everyone that came along and made yesterday's Fragment event in Shimokitazawa such a super success. We truly have so many people to thank and each and every one of them contributes so much to this wonderful community that has been building a warp speed here in Tokyo. Thank you to all of the artists and art lovers, the painters and crowd of onlookers, the dj mix masters and the dancer who loved them, the style creators and the fashion lovers, but most importantly all of our friends that continually support what we are doing. We could never do it without you. Thank you truly!

Yesterday was the perfect Sunday afternoon to say goodbye to so many of my amazing friends. I am leaving for Australia in just a few hours (EEK I gotta pack) and will be back just in time for Hanami (cherry blossom parties) on April 4. I am very much looking forward to time in on the Sunshine Coast with my ma, nan and gran. Then off to Sydney to get hoopy with the one and only Bunny Hoopstar. I cannot wait.

Most people who know me, know that I am not a fan of flying but I am just so excited to go on this trip that my fear seems to have disappeared. Will see how that goes once we take off.

I am sad that Masao cannot come with me and will miss my friends dearly but I know they will all be busy here in Tokyo doing what they do best!

I am going to be away from the internet for most of my trip which will bring out the good, bad and ugly in me for sure but it is a much needed break. I will have time to catch up on the real world and just enjoy the sunshine and family lovin'. It also means that I won't be hanging out here much so I will see you when I get back! Will mis you!

Leaving you will some pics from Fragment. More over at TOKYOMADE and our FLickr.
With Caroline of chief&mischief fame.

My loves Oshima, Akiko and Leila Chan

Tomokuni, Michi and Mochi decorating in fine style!


Blogger D'Jen said...

Have a beautiful time back in Oz, the Sunshine Coast would be so lovely at the moment. I am jealous!

Turban pics are still coming, every time I put one on I forget to take a picture.

P.S I just notice Agyness Deyn the other day and also fell in love with her hair, how funny you should also mention her!

24/3/08 3:48 PM  
Blogger Sigsy said...

Hey Deanne
Great to finally meet you!
It was a super event and I hope the first of many we will attend.
Love Sigsy

24/3/08 10:25 PM  

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