Friday, February 29, 2008


OK I am officially mesmerized! This style of dance that seems to be steaming it up all the way from France can be seen on a Yelle film clip. A big Yelle fan after being tipped off by Dj Brandon to the magic of their sounds, worlds collided in a very fabulous way when I realised that Yelle and what is being called Tecktonik go arm in arm - wild flailing arms!

When I was in Grade 3 there was a boy who lived across the street from me, he was in Grade 7. His name was Calvin Norri. I can barely remember what he looked like and I don't think I spoke two words to him but I remember he was by far the coolest kid in the school. Calvin would bring brown cardboard boxes to school, set them up in the ally near the toilet blocks, press play on the ghetto blaster and break dance his heart out. Back spins, head spins, he had all the moves. Calvin's cool factor shot to an all time high when he broke his arm break dancing. This was in the thick of the 80s, 1984, a time when backs were being spun on, leg warmers were essential and the school wide sport of choice was Electric Boogaloo.
This vid reminds me of the primary school breakers, I watch this with just as much awe and excitement as I did the boys busting their moves near the toilet block.


Blogger Sigsy said...

Bloody ACE.
Like Vogue.
Napolean Dynamite.

I am just off to the PO to collect my postcards.

I bought 2 sets so big love to you and TM for making my dream come true.

5/3/08 2:27 PM  

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