Wednesday, February 13, 2008


A few things that are pushing me forward right now

"If we truly digest and understand the repercussions of “otherness,” then maybe we can understand the very essence of healing the planet and ourselves." Kris Carr

Sarma's fight. A global shift, imagine it.

Hot Chocolate and Mint - the blog, not the bev.

Finding used books in Tokyo. A might feat.

Sprouting. Our own mini farms. Big fun!

Ashtanga baby!

New projects, new sites to be built and new adventures!




Blogger Gala said...

Amazing! I discovered Kris' blog today. I love her descriptions of Jivamukti. I looked it up but no classes in Melbourne, only Sydney! BOO!

13/2/08 8:04 PM  
Anonymous MC said...

Oh man, "Otherness" reminds me of my postmodern course I took in college.

I think that sense of "otherness" will always stick around. There will always be an other, I think it's a matter of changing the perspective of the "other" not as a negative, foreign impact but instead as a related, global one. We all share a common thread!

14/2/08 12:06 AM  
Blogger sushizume said...

Gala - What a wickedly inspiration chick Kris is! Blown away by her realness! Thought you might love her!

Mari - I agree. The connotations attached to that word "other" are ambiguous to say the least. Releasing the negative it where it is at!

Putting ourselves into the "others" pocket (physically/mentally) can have a big impact on how we perceive 'it'.

14/2/08 4:25 PM  

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