Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Success

We have been busy singing karaoke and having amazing parties where all of friends come to see what the TOKYOMADE creators have been up to recently. Yesterday afternoon was the first of what we hope to be a string of successful Sunday afternoon events for LADE clothing and TOKYOMADE.
Sunday Afternoon Party in Shinjuku
(Getting ready at And Zone Shinjuku, Tokyo)

We got off to an early start as we rolled into And Zone Shinjuku at 10am, extremely early for a Sunday morning post Saturday night karaoke. Meeting up with the LADE guys, Eshimasa, Tomokuni, Michi, Cometman and Machie we all got to work splashing, colorful, creativity and products on the white walls of the gallery.

Sunday Afternoon Party in Shinjuku
(Eshimasa, Tomokuni and Machie getting their pieces ready for display)

The open plan gallery was really perfect and things fell into place smoothly with each designer having their own piece of wall with enough room to showcase some hot street wear labels from Canada, a projection space, TiFdyL live painting and a super fresh dj area pumping out some mighty fine tunes during the 8 hour set.

To make things even easier And Zone is a divided space with the gallery on one side and a very cozy lounge serving some top veg curry on the other.

Sunday Afternoon Party in Shinjuku
Sunday Afternoon Party in Shinjuku
Sunday Afternoon Party in Shinjuku
Sunday Afternoon Party in Shinjuku
A huge thank you to everyone that was able to come and celebrate with us and LADE clothing, without you our Sunday afternoon would not have been half as enjoyable. A special thanks to Eshimasa, Tomokuni, Michi, Cometman, MacBag, Sci-Fi, Ichigo Seijin, Tiny Azure, Shojono Tomo and Ryo Honda for being part of the TOKYOMADE collaboration/ family.

We realized yesterday that in a few short months TOKYOMADE has grown into something so much more that we originally imagined it could be. TOKYOMADE has become a collective of talented, inspirational and positive artists that share their creations, but more than that we have become an international group that shares life and laughs and that is more than we could ever have hoped for.

Of course the biggest thank you must go to the LADE clothing trio, their partners, friends and family for their vision, hard work and for inviting us to be part of a very rad Sunday afternoon. We are very excited to be apart of many more events just like it.

Sunday Afternoon Party in Shinjuku


Blogger lalo said...

Such a pitty not to be there! It looks as a greet celebration.
Hugs from the south
A! PS: next week we´re going to have a seminary with Sekiguchi Komei Sensei, i don´t know if you know who him is, but you´re the one i know at japan! jaja

22/10/07 9:05 PM  

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