Thursday, August 23, 2007

What is a Tenugui?

Not to be confused with it's older sister the furoshiki a tenugui is often referred to as a Japanese hand towel. But we are making a stand, taking it to the streets and shouting it from the rooftops... "A tenugui is so much more than a tea towel!!"

The tenugui is a versatile symbol of Japanese style. Often worn around the head in anime or manga and also used as a head piece by Kendo enthusiasts, the tengui can transform the most dull fashion ensemble into a street fighting fiasco.

While the tenugui does a mighty fine job of mopping up spills and drying freshly washed hands it's underlying ability to add a splash of Japanese style to your kitchen or bathroom cannot go unnoticed. The tenugui is a decorative piece of art repetitively hand printed. Upon entering a tenugui shop, yes there are whole shops dedicated to these trusty pieces of cotton, you will be stunned and amazed at the range of colors and prints on display both contemporary and modern.

Looking for the ultimate Japanese souvenir or needing to add some style to your space? The tenugui has it all. In fact we have major plans to hang our favorite tenugui in our very own apartment this weekend, don't let me forget to take some pics to show you how it is done! The tenugui is so much more than your Grandma's tea towel hanging in the rumpus room!

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