Friday, August 31, 2007

This Weekend In Tokyo

weekend in tokyo
The first weekend of September in Tokyo is shaping up to be a mighty fine one. If you are out and about in the city these are a few spots we think are worth checking out. If you are loving us from afar be sure to click on the links, read up on the Tokyo happenings and impress your friends with your knowledge of rockin' international events!

- This week over at Ping Mag quite the comment riot was caused when a conversation with Japanese artists Yoshimitsu Umekawa and Kensei Yabuno was posted. Seems their current Fancy Head exhibition at B Gallery in Shinjuku is copping all kinds of reviews. Worth a look to see what the comment hype is about we think.

- The Melting Point Exhibition at Tokyo Opera City Gallery has been recommended to us by a few peeps around town. An interactive immersion into an installation by the Scotish, Brazilian and Japanese artists could be just the adventure we are looking for.

- On a more personal note, this weekend, Saturday September 1, we are having a little gathering of our own. Cocktails and Chandeliers will be held right here in our very own Tokyo apartment. Looking forward to great friends, devine food and a chilled evening of cocktails under the chandelier. Considering September 1 in Japan is National Disaster Prevention Day we are planning for a bubbly yet safe extravaganza.

All this and so very much more. When are you coming to visit?

Happy Disaster Prevention Day!


Blogger Akiko said...

mia bella-

thank YOU so much for a fabulous evening. Oh how i missed you all this summer. and why in the hell is that photo on here again!!

Indeed, the melting pot is a very well put together exhibit, playful, whimsical, and refreshing.

2/9/07 11:12 PM  
Blogger sushizume said...

you are welcome honey
i missed you too

i dug this gorg pic out to remind me of the good old days, standing in the freezing cold Tokyo weather hailing a cab to get our butts to the warmth of Tokyo Decadance!!

3/9/07 12:36 AM  

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