Saturday, August 25, 2007

This Weekend In Tokyo

Each weekend there are a handful of glorious events that we often wish we could make it to. So to celebrate we have decided to dedicate a blog post each week to the events we think are worth going to in this light filled city!

Some mainstream, some personal and some underground we hope to let you in on a few Tokyo event tips both here and on the TOKYOMADE blog. Will also include lots of links so that even if you are not in Tokyo or you can't get along to these hot spots, you can still egt a glimpse of what they might be like.

We are off to Hoop Class at the TOKYO HOOPstore. Wish us luck!


In Tokyo this weekend or just wishing that you were? Here are a few tips for this weekend's yummiest events...

Tonight is the annual Azabu Juban Festival, the narrow streets will be filled with Yukata clad sweeties, smokey street stalls and flapping paper fans. If the street squish is not your thing be sure to head to the top of Roppongi Hills for a more glamorous affair. The Mado Lounge is hosting a Yukata Party. Hosted by Raymond Rhinestones with a live performance by Soundaholic, Yukata styling and exhibit by HIROCOLEDGE (stunning Japanese Yukatat). Doors Open 21:00

Not as high in the sky but certainly a rockin', lively event is The Ghetto Tokyo's 1st Birthday Party (which we will be heading to!) Celebrate the love hotel turned skate park/ cafe/ gallery / independent design shop!

Bla Bla Hospital have begun to sell their intriguing range of fashion remedies in the Kera Shop Marui. Go check them out! And of course their healthy range is already showing HERE at TOKYOMADE.

Not to be missed, and trust us most of Tokyo will be there, the 51st annual Awa Odori Festival held in Koenji. Check HERE for an amazing English site about the colorful spectacular. Launched in 1981 with 15 groups dancing, this year the high spirited parade will feature 26 different dance groups.

Weekend wishes to you all!
Love from Tokyo.


Anonymous Aimee said...

hurray for hoop class!! :) wish we had one in my neck of the woods. so much fun!

26/8/07 1:29 AM  

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