Tuesday, June 12, 2007

TM in N.E.E.T mag

Feeling pretty excited to spot some treasures from our super talented designers in this month's issue of N.E.E.T mag. N.E.E.T does a spectacular job of showcasing some of the hottest independant designers and their creations!
Here I am sporting a Honmonoya
vintage corsage as part of a N.E.E.T STUFF collection. The irony of this photo is that it was never to make it to public view however Masao with all of his sweetness and wisdom decided it was to become the thumbnail. I shuddered slightly to see a bad hair, no makeup photo taken of me standing on our rooftop in Tokyo was selected. But am super happy to see the gorgeous corsage under the spotlight.


The ever so yummy mushroom pin by 393103 made a sweet appearance in the N.E.E.T picks.
And the rockin' red Skinny Argyle Tie added to a hot Boys Night Out fashion spread.

Thanks a million to N.E.E.T mag!
Go check out the other fab designs and funky photos shoots HERE

TM xx

ps Be sure not to miss the gorgeous Precious Pirate photo shoot in Paris!!


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