Sunday, June 03, 2007

Summer Beauty


This month's KERA is all about creating new looks by mixing things up! The picture above is a shot from a funky, punky Super Lovers spread.
The beauty feature has a summery focus - how to keep your skin "white" this summer.


"Tropical" makeup is making an impact. According to KERA the key is "flashy" but "cute". Fresh and fruity. We think it looks more like something from a touring big top but who are we to argue with the KERA sense of summer style?

KERA photo shoots are always fab but this one is such a sweet treat. Part of an underwear as outerwear spread, this is strong and gorgeous in so many ways.

But our fav pic in the whole mag is this super cool street shot in Harajuku of Shotaro and Ikumi from Chapter, looking far more street and serious than our Design Festa snapshot of them.


Blogger gilda said...

i miss kera. one of my best friends from bunka is a model for kera and i used to follow her occasionally for shoots. it was such fun. and we'd go out and people will ask for pictures on the streets and some people would come up and ask me what she's really like. i always found it funny and would tell her she was my celebrity friend.

9/7/07 4:57 PM  
Blogger sushi zume said...

WOW that really is a celebrity friend!
So what IS she really like? ;)
What an exciting Tokyo life you must have had!

9/7/07 10:17 PM  

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