Tuesday, May 29, 2007

festa of cuties

The little rocker wasn't the only cutie we spied at the Tokyo Design Festa.


Shotaro and Ikumi of Chapter are quite the Design Festa regulars always bringing their fashion flair, whimsical costume designs and smiles to the event. We were sure to grab a snapshot of the kawaii couple and stop for a quick chat. Watch out for their new website coming soon... And fingers crossed, if the planets align as they should we really hope to have some Chapter costumes on TOKYOMADE in the near future.


This colorful booth set up by Rieko of BLITZ kiss fame kept us coming back for more. We were slightly mesmerized by her quirky sense of style and super super esque acrylic accessories (which we are also hoping to bring to you really soon!)


And as always Machie, MACBAG designer and creator extraordinaire was there with her gorgeous smile and an ever growing range of African fabric bags. Oh and guess what?? We got to keep our favs and we will be sharing them with you any moment now. They are stunning, and it is all I can do to stop myself from buying them ALL! Machie is one of my favorite designers and I carry her creations around with me everyday! So very happy to have more in stock!


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