Friday, March 23, 2007



A stunning sunny day here in Tokyo today, the first REAL warmth of spring! Just gorgeous. I know there are a bazillion studies showing the positive impact of sunlight and warmth on human emotions and well being but sometimes we forget just how uplifting a pretty day like today can be.

So we have all fingers and toes crossed in the hope that the gorgeousness continues for our TOKYOMADE PINK PARTY in Inokashira Park on Saturday. A quick trip to the Emperor's Palace today did not give us much hope that the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom this weekend but we won't let that stop us! Little do they know but we are going to rope all of fab designers into creating a magnificant sakura centerpiece. A make shift tree stump, plenty of sakura branches, a whole lot of tape, giant pocky and lashing of imagination - sure to be one huge preschool-like art project!

Tomorrow is the big bake off. Cupcakes for everyone (if you are quick!) and champaign to wash it down. If you are coming along be sure to bring some yummy things that you love aswell, like beer for example, I am not real good at catering to everyone's taste - will try though!

We will have camera at the back soon with some TOKYOMADE PINK PARTY pics and stories.


Blogger daniela said...

hi youz.
love to you and wish we were going to be at the party with you.

23/3/07 10:05 PM  

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