Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pink Party Still On

OK so despite the fact that these friggin' pretty pink flowers are playing hard to get and we may not see them in full bloom this weekend after all the PINK PARTY is still the place to play this weekend!! Let it be known that as I write this I am decked out in all pink sporting a mighty fine tissue paper sakura in my hair! Oh yes there shall be PINK. There is going to be so much PINK that there is a PINK party meeting scheduled for this evening at 7:30 @ Advocates Shinjuku Ni Chome to discuss how the pinkness should prevail. (I know, I know I can hear you Leila I need to stop going there...but it is close, convenient and the drinks are cheap What more could a girl ask for?) If you are unable to come to our little meeting this evening you can always leave your pink suggestions in the comment box.

As far as the pinkness goes thus far THINK > pink heart shaped helium filled balloons, pink hello kitty bingo, pink prizes, pink costumes, pink cupcakes, pink champaign and some giant pink pocky. Naturally there will be more PINK surprises and please please feel free to bring your own pinkness to add to the ??? what is the collective noun for a whole lot of PINK ???

So unless it buckets out of the sky, and according to this mornings forecast there is a 40% chance on rain on Saturday - we will be there in all our PINK glory. From noonish til lateish (until the champaign stops flowing!) Come and hang with us...more info on the bingo times SOON.


ps Oh and if you are a meat eater you have to bring your own, sorry only vegheads in this house. But the cupcakes will have lots of butter and egg I am sure and the edamame, fruit, veg and vegie dips will help the champaign and beer go down just nicely!


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