Sunday, March 25, 2007

In the past...

Going through some pics left on one of our cameras I was reminded of some past events that had totally slipped my mind.

A large part of my life is actually dedicated to being a Grade 3 teacher at The Tokyo Korean School. A few weeks ago we had a very exciting Korean Cultural Day. Living in 'Korean Town' and working for the school I have been lucky enough to learn and enjoy a great deal. I am particularly in love with kimchi (although my ulcer is not always pleased with that) and on cultural day I grew to love the color, vigor and excitment of the games, dqance and costumes.
Here I am looking particularly Marshmallow Man like in a traditional Korean hanbok.

A few weeks ago we went to listen to TOKYOMADE designer Seimani do his stuff on the decks.

A top night, great tunes, awesome atmosphere and some of the best and original veg and vegan food I have tried in Tokyo. Enjoy House in Ebisu is a must! Devine frozen margaritas too!


Anonymous suzy said...

Great photos! Although the one of Enjoy House made me a bit Tokyo-sick, that was 1 minute from my old apartment so I walked past every day. Congrats on the Metropolis mention too!

26/3/07 6:54 AM  

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