Saturday, March 31, 2007


Now this is what I call fun! Actually it was probably tiring to make and if you listen to it for too long you will drive yourself a little batty - but fun!

I thought we had spotted our fair share of invaders on our travels and especially here in Tokyo, but it seems that is not that case. Check out THIS awesome photo collection of invaders snapped around the globe. This guy even got to meet the Invader himself, this is too cool for school! And HERE is the true invader.

In other gamer type news, Masao is sitting contently in the background glued to his latest piece of handheld wonder. In what seems like an awesome selling frenzy for the clever fellows over at Yodabashi Camera, Masao was the second last person (on this planet according to the sprukers at the time of the frenzy) to get his hands on this little piece of fun.


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