Tuesday, March 27, 2007




After a long and hard day of wandering through the steets of Tokyo spying the latest fashion items and picking up hot tips we were so excited to get home and find new products had arrived.

I seriously squealed with delight when I spied the Piano Card Case and the Rock Chic Pouch. I promise you this wild city has gone musically mad, crackers over clefs and potty over pianos! Maybe it is the spring thing, music in the air? Whatever it is we love it and we are super excited to have these new Tokyo trends ready for you!

Check out the other awesome street style additions. More mirrors to add to the growing collection of groovy pocket pieces. And we simply love the sweet Pink Poodle Mini Pouch. Enjoy global style lovers, enjoy!

P.S. New Tiny Azure earrings coming VERY SOON!

P.P.S I got the most freakin pretty leopard print hi tops today - in love!


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